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  1. Each individual Christian may determine how he/she responds to injustice, hopefully led by the Spirit, and not predetermined. So what about the talk of racism in the church as it concerns this lesson?

    Recently we studied from the book of James about not judging. Unless the racist confesses we generally cannot be sure that someone is guilty of racism, for we cannot read the intent of the heart. People can act unkindly or unjustly to a fellow human for any reason. To impute motive is to take a step too far.

    When there is a perceived act of discrimination in an environment where there is a heightened consciousness of skin color it is almost natural to cry, “Racism!” and put the accused on the defensive to prove otherwise. Who knows how many have been unnecessarily viewed with suspicion and falsely accused (Revelation 12:10), and is it worth it because everybody agrees racism exists?

    Race is an artificial and superficial means of categorization inspired by the enemy to divide God’s children who are of one blood (Acts 17:26). Further, with all the mixing there is a point at which race does not mean much. Where racial distinctions do not work Satan finds other means of separation and discrimination. The evidence is apparent.

    As if pride itself is noble some believers express pride in skin color and celebrate it, thereby accentuating something which should be virtually transparent. God does not recognize race now and it will have no place in Heaven.

    The world tries to fix the problem by working from the outside to curb behavior. The church trusts God to work from the inside through the heart. If some are racist in the church they probably have other spiritual issues as well and need help to get on the Narrow Way to Heaven. They may be made to act differently but love seeks their salvation above all, and this may impel us to pray more and complain less.

  2. Well said Hugh. Satan is anxious to distract us from God's mission and will use whatever means he finds available to do so. Racism is only one tool. Our focus should be on spreading His compassion for lost souls. Not let anything else keep us from His mission.

  3. Hugh - I like your statement "pray more and complain less". Prayer changes things (people) so we must spend time in prayer, then watch God in action. God is a reader of hearts and motives. We can trust His divine intervention in every situation. God loves us so much that He is ready and willing to heal and deliver His people from sin. (Racism) Happy Sabbath

  4. "What are ways that we can learn to build up our faith in what we believe?"

    The last question in Sunday's lesson seems to reflect on 'Adventist' faith. This makes me shudder. I believe we should have, as our foundation, Biblical faith. Being an Adventist should come as a result, or be secondary, to being identified as a child of God. This is the first step to building up our faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spririt. His Word is our sure foundation.

    Another step in building up our faith is prayer. I think this includes a number of things like: 1. requests for enlightenment as we study His Word and the Holy Spirits continued presence throughout day; 2. review of our daily speech and actions against His Word to ask forgiveness where we've fallen short and to gain insight for future victories; 3. allow God to be our first line of defense w/challenges, not our last resort (this allows God to recieve the glory for victories); and 4. count our blessings, in gratitude to God, both small and great.

    The last building-block I will mention is meeting w/others who's goal is to ingest, digest and regurgitate His Love, Truth and Character in their own lives. As a group our goal should be to truly die to self so that Christ lives through us.

    • Amen Dorothy. Am blest by yo submission. Yes, biblical based faith! My husband likes to say Christianity is our identity and Adventism is our mission.

      I like also yo point abt beginning at the Word but praying for insight. It is this that has made my scripture memorisation move from "mechanical" to an "alive" process. God's promises are true. He's given us God the Holy Spirit to guide us. Let's seek Him.

      True, we do fall short and we must do a review thru the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And thru Him act in restoration where we are found wanting. Thru Him alone. Amen. God bless u my sis.


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