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Friday: Further Study: Being and Doing — 2 Comments

  1. Through this week's lesson I have come to dwell more upon why we should be different from the world and yet live in the heart of it. by living up to God's standards we appear more peculiar to those around us and are observed more closely. While there will be some who will ridicule us for not being like them, there are some who would want to understand why we are different and it is in these very hearts God want us to plant the seeds of truth. May we receive the baptism of the Holy spirit so we can be magnets to those we seek God's truth. Wish you all a victorious week.

    • I believe this is the Will of God for His true followers, to be Doers of the Law. In doing the Will of God by practical obedience and faith in His Word, we will become peculiar people in the world, that will draw many to worship and praises our Father in Heaven by genuine uniqueness of our eyewitness Godly characteristics. Just as the power of the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples on the day of Pentecost, the manifestation of the gift of tongue that was witnessed and experienced by the multitude, we too can receive the power of the God by the Holy Spirit if we by faith, DOERS of His Will. We are all promised this amazing Spiritual influence when we choose to do and obey God's Law, His Will. Happy delightful Sabbath.


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