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  1. Jesus himself had summed it all in these words he used .
    Watch ,wait and pray.
    1.We watch ourselves .
    2 . Then we wait for him.
    3.As we wait for Him we don't wait idly. We begin to search the scriptures.Pray and meditate.

    Mrs White Wrote.

    "In a special sense Seventh-Day Adventists have been set as watchmen and light bearers for a perishing world .On them is shining Wonderful light from the word of God. What manner,of person, then ought they to be?
    -Advent Review and Sabbath Herald,November , 23,1905.

    To me Spiritual Exercises underscore everything about preparing, being ready and waiting for the Great day of the Second coming of our Lord.

    "Those who have trained the mind to delight in Spiritual Exercises are the ones who can be translated and not be overwhelmed with the purity and transcendent glory of heaven. "-Testimonies For the Church Vol. 2 ,Page 267.

    If I can Pray, study the Bible and meditate then I have nothing to worry about. No,not speculations at all.

    This means I must be ready not only for second coming but also for spreading the Gospel.

    When we get on spiritual exercises they prepare us better.

    After all.
    "It is is by contemplating Christ, by exercising faith in Him, by expiriencing for ourselves His saving Grace,that we are qualified to present him to the world. "-Advent Review and Sabbath Herald,February 10, 1903.

    This quote alone underscores how we can evangelise.

    If we don't contemplate Christ and the rest stated there.To me it means we don't qualify.

    I don't seee any need of talking about the second coming of Christ without talking about the preparation first.

    I thank God that the way He has laid down for us to prepare is the same way that is medium for effective Evangelism.

    Venden Morrison once said "If you read the Bible and Pray so that you can go to heaven then you won't be there but if you read the Bible and Pray so that you can share with your neighbour then you will certainly be in heaven with him/her. "

    New Living Translation Acts 1:7-8 He replied, “The Father alone has the authority to set those dates and times, and they are not for you to know. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends earth.

    We must prepare now.

    Through Spiritual Exercises we are prepared better.

    May the Holy Spirit now Guide us.

  2. How long do you wait for your husband,friend, relative and mortal beings who promise to visit? Yet we complain about waiting for the immortal one who has promised eternal life. If we do as He wills and there is no heaven we loose nothing rather than live a worldly life if there is one. We've got to tell and show others the right path, God bless us.

  3. Matthew 24:14: And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    Has Jesus delayed his coming or have we caused his coming to be delayed? We live in a world where the gospel can be preached to all nations. It is still amazing to know that some work colleagues are not aware of bible stories like Noah and don't understand the true meaning of Jesus' death. There is still a lot for us to do those in westernised countries.

  4. When i was in high school, we used to revise alot till we fill like now we are ok let this papers come. But when that time comes we feel that theris alot we have not covered. The same think with christianity, We have not yet done much as far as speading the gospel is concerne. How many soul have you brought to christ? Are all your neighbours aware of christ? You can see u stil have alot to do yet you are waiting 4 His coming! God has a reason as to why He has not come yet. so spread the word as much as you can.God bless you.

    • There are some that believe "we" are responsible for Jesus' delay. Is that true? If the answer is yes, What fact would identify the reason for that belief? A fact is not conjecture. This belief has had its roots for longer than many of us in this century. There is no doubt Matthew 24:14 will come to pass, as well as Matthew 28:18-20. ... When? Mathtew24:36 tells us. I always look first in the Bible for answers.

  5. We must wait patiently and hopefully for the Second Coming of Christ just as our forefathers waited hopefully for the Messiahs first coming. Many of them died before seeing the Promise fulfilled, but their faith in Christ's coming was attributed to them as righteousness. In the same way I must believe that even if I die before His return Christ can raise me from the dead with His power and take me to heaven when He comes. We live by faith as Christians.

  6. The word explicitly says, 'blessed are the poor in spirit' meaning we can/should never think and feel we have got enough for our righteousness that we would want the Son of Man to appear now. Thats actually a deception, instead we should be more urgent, seeing that the time is nigh, in propagating to the nations the word of God for it was told to us as the last command by Himself our Lord Jesus Christ.

  7. We should spread the gospel? OK.

    Go to Sabbath school or church, have a meeting and write down on a 3X5 card or blank paper...what the gospel is that you want to share. Now understand that this is something that you will share with family, friends, work associates, persons on the street. Now take turns reading out loud to the group your gospel and see the reactions. Think: almost all will not comment on ones they think are wrong or too simplistic out of fear of humiliating or embarrassing others.
    Watch how many spins/versions of the gospel there are.

  8. "2. Read again Jesus’ description of what the Second Coming will be like. How does it differ from some of the popular conceptions of the Second Coming? Considering how clear the texts are, why do so many believe what is so contrary to Scripture? What arguments do they bring up to defend their views, and how should we respond?"

    Why do many Christians believe the contemporary eschatology spin?
    It is more smooth & comfortable.
    Christians get to escape the tribulation/time of trouble.

    • What does it mean to escape the tribulation/time of trouble? Jesus will bring to pass what ever is determined. We all have the ability to make choices, but there are limitations. If your beliefs are contrary to the Bible, then what you believe only matters to that individual. Concepts differ for a number of reasons. It is something like when Jesus asked, Who do men say that I am? A number of reasons were given. None were accurate. The question can be turned around, depending who are you trying to convert, an atheist or an agnostic? One who believes there is no god. or one that believes there is a god of some sort.


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