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  1. Key to being prepared is to know why you believe and do what you do! Because you love, and experienced Jesus, or because others you know do? Staying faithful is because of MY experience with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit!

  2. It is my understanding that when the "time of trouble" comes, we would have already been sealed. So I'm not worried. I just want to be found among those who have kept the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. And so, I am busy trying to consume to word of God through daily study and spending more time with Him in prayer. As I spend more and more time with Him, my faith grows, my love for Him grows stronger, and the things of this world slowly loose their value to me. Day by day, I am more convicted that I am His child.

  3. The key to be prepared is,
    to remain in, by getting into the Word of The LORD GOD, and asking HIS HOLY SPIRIT TO Illuminate, convict and establish in us.

  4. Pliny letter informed us the difference between real Christians and so called Christians. The negative Christians denied God, they corporated with the gods status to worship them..... a little to much explanation. I tried my best to shrink it, I wanted to say more.... in this paragraph.

    Key preparation for Christ:

    The key to be prepared when controversy happens between God and satan, regarding the mark of the beast in a way that to worship the beast Wich is satan.

    Our key preparation is that we are indeed need to stay in connection with God in all seasons, in bad time and good time. "Keeping ourselves in the love of God." Obey God's Law and His Ordinance, deny ourselves from the worldly stuffs that will keep us away from our loving infinite father God. Keep on loving Jesus Christ with perseverance in good time and bad time. Humble ourselves in the Lord to ask for the Holy Spirit lives in us every day. This way we will have wisdom and strength to defeat the enemy in everything.

    Amen alleluia and Happy early sabbath to everyone, Christians or none Christians. The Lord bless all, humanity with His infinite love.

    Love Nancy in Jesus Christ-with love.

  5. I fear there are many pre-crucifixion Peters among us (Matthew 26:33; Luke 22:33).

    I believe that total surrender now and continuously is the only way we will stand for God when faced with the threat of death for our faith.

    Anything short of complete and constant surrender to Christ will leave us, like Peter, in a state of "conviction in the flesh" and that will not suffice when facing the Pliny's of our time.


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