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  1. It is a dangerous thing to take or keep something that doesn't belong to us. Ananias and his wife should have realized that when we make a vow or pledge to God, we must keep it. In this day and time people aren't struck dead because of a lie told to a man of God or even to God Himself and they think they're in the clear of any punishment that could come their way. People choose to lie to God faster than they lie to man. Thinking He doesn't know what's truly going on. We can learn from Ananias and his wife, that God sees and knows all things. Nothing is hidden from His presence or knowledge about us or what we have. We must also understand that when making pledges, we are to keep them no matter what. If it mean the bills won't be paid, we must keep our vow to God. That's why it is so important not to make promises or vows. As Christians, it is best not to make a promise, because anything can come up, plans can change in an instant. As God fearing people our word/promise/vow is our bond.

    • Am reminded of a case where Peter denied Jesus 3 times without premeditating or intending to deny him anyway. Many are the occasions when this happens to us Christians as we make false vows to God unintentionally though. It is time we confirmed our creaturely limitations and sought power of the spirit that transformed Peter into the defender of Jesus into his death.

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      While Christians should most definitely not make frivolous promises, they should not refrain from making them. For example, we promised to love our spouses until death do us part. A lot of things come up that might break such promises, but commitment to our word keeps it from falling apart. When things happen that keep us from keeping to our promise that are out of our control, God knows our heart and does not ever hold that against us. When we connive to look good to others by making promises and choosing not to keep them, as Ananias and his wife did, we should not expect good outcomes for we are lying to God. Honesty and faithfulness is required as we walk the Christian walk.

  2. Not everyone has been given a chance like Saul. Did he choose to be chosen by God or simply because of his mission to prosecute God's people? Would I have the same chance to be changed like him if I'm worshiping HIM not according to HIS will?

    • I hear u Bravey. The fact is that we all are given a chance like Paul. For daily we meet people led by the Spirit, people who intercede on behalf of God so that we may accept God as a whole. The probelm lays in the fact that we have to choose where our allegiance lays. Is it God or sin??

      • Mlungisi, i wrote to Goran and Robert about the reason behind the question that i raised in this forum. It would be a privilege to experience a wonderful work of the Lord for the chosen one...because I know he will not rest till the person make the right decision...and that decision is not for Sin

    • Bravey, if you mean no one has been blinded by a bright light and thrown off their horse, you might be correct, but every lost soul will have refused the effort of God (their creator who loved them enough to die for them) to save them from sin. Look at the many saved without having the exact same experience as Paul. You simply can't deny the overwhelming evidence of God's love for all He died to save, and His effort for each one will be the best possible for their salvation.

      Look at all the converts as a result of Paul's ministry for them, yet none of them were blinded by a bright light and tossed from their horse. I'm sure there are many who have never even rode on a horse!

      The Bible foretells the confession of every tongue one day, that God was just and fair in every case, including Satan.

      • Thank you Robert! I raised that question because I think the chosen one can't run from their given tasks even though they choose not to obey HIS will. Lets see the story about Jonah, he ran...but God didn't let him go because he was chosen for the task to save Nineveh. It showed about Jonah's disobedience, he was thrown into the sea because of it. I wanna be changed like Paul...I wanna be chosen like Jonah even though I ran, i know HE will do HIS best effort to save me and guide me to complete my mission. I think that I'm just afraid not being chosen by God for a special mission in my life. Because by being a chosen one, I know HE won't let me go even though I ran from HIM.

        • Bravey, you said, "I raised that question because I think the chosen one can't run from their given tasks even though they choose not to obey HIS will." In saying that you referenced Jonah in the context of Paul's Damascus road experience but to this line of reasoning I would say both yes and no.

          Certainly there are times and circumstances when God forces something such as, "And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying, 'Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads'" (Rev. 7:2-3 NKJV). There was also the times when God fought for Israel and defeated their enemies but generally the case is this, "Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Cor. 3:17 NKJV). In other words we are not unwilling slaves beaten into compliance by a dictator.

          Concerning Jonah, first of all he was already a prophet doing God's will (2 Kings 14:25). Second, he didn't want to go to Nineveh because he didn't want those people saved, "Ah, LORD, was not this what I said when I was still in my country? Therefore I fled previously to Tarshish; for I know that You are a gracious and merciful God, slow to anger and abundant in lovingkindness, One who relents from doing harm" (Jon. 4:2 NKJV). I dare say that if the Lord commanded Jonah to go to Nineveh and bring fire down on the city he would have gladly obeyed. God knew that His servant had a spiritual problem and that he needed to have the same spirit that motivated Christ to come and minister here on earth and then to finally die for the undeserving. Third, Jonah didn't view the ordeal with the fish as punishment but salvation (Jonah 2:6).

          Much the same could be said for the many other places in the Bible that seem to picture God as a despotic war lord. Paul, for instance, was already a committed servant of God only he was going in the wrong direction and like Jonah needed to be turned around. Once Paul caught the vision and understood things he was committed to serving Christ with just as much zeal as he had when persecuting God's church. So it really isn't a matter of forced servitude but one of getting in the right direction.

        • Bravey, God has chosen every human to be saved and to serve. Yes, God will give us another chance if we fail to respond, but we have the final choice. Isn't Lucifer an example of this? There are many examples of God leaving us with our choice if we insist. Most inhabitants of the world will prove this sad reality.

          I think I know what you are saying and would agree. You mentioned Jonah. There is also Peter who failed terribly and repented with bitter tears. Jesus gave Peter a precious work to do as a result of his genuine repentance and complete conversion.

          God is merciful and gracious to sinners and will do all possible to bring every soul into perfect harmony with His Divine will. His will is always for our best interest and never for evil.

    • On first look we see iresisteble grace on Paul but on second we see that paul even he was stoped from his enterprise of persecuting christians could also reject Jesus calling when He instructed him to check with Anania for help. Paul was not forced to see Anania for help.p

      • Thank you Goran! Acts 9:10-16 tells the reason why Ananias was sent to Paul...verse 15 tells that Saul is a chosen vessel. Paul was given a vision prior to Ananias visit...and yes he chose to accept Ananias. My comment to Robert stated about being chosen by God...and what i have so far is that we can't run from it....i would like to be a chosen vessel like Saul so I can be converted from Saul to Paul.

  3. Everybody requires obedient to our God. The out-pouring of the Holy Spirit manifested fruitly in our lives.


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