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Further Study: Releasing Into Ministry — 4 Comments

  1. I think if we practice depending on God like Jesus did we will soon cover the whole world with bible truths in a very short time e.g let us consider the samaritan woman story the gospel started with a drink of water, in no time it was all over Samaria.

    • Alpha, it is a beautiful thought that something as simple as offering someone a drink of water can release the powerful influence of the Holy Spirit to save a nation.

  2. Each one of us represents personal ministry ambassadors. The problem is that we often fail to seize the opportunity when it comes. What would have happened if Jesus did not approach the Samaritan woman?

  3. Its unfortunate how we overlook certain opportunities to share the word probably caused by purposeless leads resulting from a casual lifestyle.

    Spiritual growth and forcus should be a christian daily meal to achieve.


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