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God Uses Humble Bible Students to do Great Things — 4 Comments

  1. I was invited to the evening meal at my supervisors house while several hundred miles from my home. I was about 25 years old during my early SDA years. The main dish was ham. What to do? I have never eaten ham nor do I even care for it. But I choked it down and after dinner thanked the supervisor and his wife for the his gracious invitation and left. Should I have given them a sermon on unclean foods? I don't think so. It also happens that, of our department, one was a Radiologist as well as another technician and myself, all three SDAs. None were the chief. There are some texts in Romans that I think are applicable. Romans 14:1-4,14-17. I would not eat unclean food intentionally. If life threatened there would be some major concerns.

  2. Thank you! I knew the concept and could "argue" my position based on the context of the dream, yet for some reason, as many times as I have read these verses I didn't see (or don't remember seeing)"A man" in there. So thanks for the illumination (or reminder). Either way, the lesson is now firmly fixed in my mind. I praise God that there is so much to learn about the Bible.


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