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The Great Controversy – Hit the Mark — 4 Comments

  1. Curtis, the last two statement, questions, I would answer as an opinion. If using God as a "good luck charm" of sorts, that will assure safe keeping, we have many incidents of death and calamity that affect many "faithful", "good" Seventh Day Adventist that have prayed for safe keeping. Secondly, the fourth commandment is not more important than the other 9, as well as Matt.22:37-40.

  2. The book of Job is a key to understanding the rest of the scriptures. Good, evil, the evil demons, good angels, the invisible realm, God and Satan are brought into a more stark reality in the story of Job. Most significantly, we understand that God is paying close attention to us as individuals, to the point of being proud of our spiritual lifestyles. We also see that Satan uses human lifestyle to mock & accuse God and make his point that men do not serve God out of love but because He blesses us.

  3. Congratulations on another wonderful and thought-provoking Blog; I truly enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the last bible text you quoted, Philippians 1:6, see above for the entire verse. This quote encouraged me, as with the other verses from Job you provided, that as we continue to be faithful to God and our fellow man, we should not be so hard on ourselves. We need to surrender all our insufficiencies over to God, for Him to work on through His Holy Spirit. God doesn't invest in junk, or in something He doesn't feel is worthy of His time. He saw something in all of us that is redeemable, and His work is to perfect it within us "until the day of Jesus Christ (Jesus' Second Coming). Praise be to God that I do not have to work or wrestle with my salvation on my own. If I surrender it all to God, he will work it out for me.

    Please remember everyone, that this is an article or a blog, not the actual Sabbath School lesson. This article is suppose to be thought-provoking, to make you think outside the box. That why Jesus often said that there would be "weeping and gnashing of teeth" at the end of days, because many will be surprised. Surprised because they put Religion in a box, and Jesus came and will come again to show us that we have so much more to learn about God and His love. That is also why it will take us the rest of eternity to learn about God. I know I'll be there, somewhere around Jesus' feet, to listen and learn every lesson. I'm most happy when I read something that makes me think outside the box, instead of confirming to traditions. Stay Blessed everyone!!

  4. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, may we all strive to reach that place where we can say, "though he SLAY me yet will I TRUST him" and may we hold strong to God's unchanging hand. Let's just allow him to be our guide and trust him comes what may!


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