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HopeSS: Curse the Day — 2 Comments

  1. CAN U CURSE THE CREATOR !!! RELLY JOB'S WIFE was trying to do wat was meant to be done by Job himself buh instead He knew everything He had belonged to GOD ,SO He did by His will

  2. Thank God for this lesson, it has helped me know more about the wonderful opportunity we could derive from grieving---yes, our grief should help us see the need for our persistent trust in God, knowing He will not allow any trial more than we could bear, to befall us.

    Again, we ought not be afraid of death when we are in Christ Jesus because our hope and belief in Christ have strengthened our confidence that, even though we die in the course of our trials, we remain asleep, and just as He said, "Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up," so shall He wake us on the resurrection morning, no matter how long we might have been in the grave.

    Happy Sabbath, folks!


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