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  1. Why followers of God keep saying that God answers our prayers with either:
    1) Yes
    2) No, and,
    3) Not now/wait/later....?

    God never ever says NO in answering a prayer to His beloved childrens -us.

    I believe we say He answers NO, because we don't get what we want and miss that what God in reality is saying. This is what He is saying if we want to hear Him, and put our selfishness away: "Actually my child, I have something better for you, in fact, if you could see the whole picture, you will choose exactly the same better answer I have for you"

    So, God never ever answers our prayer with a NO. He either answers with a:
    1) Yes, of course,right away my child, I was just waiting for you to ask me for it
    2) Yes, but lets wait. If you could see from here, you also will choose to wait
    3) I have something way better for you.

    • "God said “No!” Elijah asked to die, and he is one of only two people to never get to die! God had a better idea than death. Instead he took Elijah to heaven in a chariot of fire."

      Eli, we are saying the same thing, right?

      • After Elijah asked God to take his life, God just ignored him because He (God) had something better for Elijah

        I guess that the reason why most people register in their minds God answers some times with a "NO", is because is taken from when we were kids and our parents said "No" after we asked them for whatever. We then asked: "Why not?' And their answer?: "Because I say so. Period"

        I'm glad God doesn't do it that way "Come and reason with me" He says. I used to believe God answers sometimes with a 'No", but when I learned that He actually never ever says "No", it was a liberating experience that I have been enjoying since then. I always know my God will always answers "Yes" to me.

        This have been such a treasure and the reason why I want to share it with all you, and I will elaborate a bit more. I hope such perspective will be an opening eyes to "see" God in His lovely desires toward us, for those who choose to try such perspective.

        There are times when based either on the: "I have something better for you" but because we want our way, God ends grating us our request, or on the "Yes, but let's wait some time"

        1. "I have something better for you". Israel asked for a king, God had something better for them, but they didn't want to listen and insisted and persisted asking for a king. Finally God said; "Ok, granted! I see your insisting, persistence and stubbornness, so, Yes, go ahead. You can have your king as your wish is". We now know the result of that experience, which could be applicable for us as well and I know of many instances of people I do know, that it happened the same to them because they just wanted their our way no matter what. They didn't care for the "I have something better. It is that that you yourself will choose if you could see the whole picture" answer.

        2. "Yes, but let's wait.." There are times God tells us so by ignoring us or by silent. That should be a clue to us. Without going in details, here is the example- Few years ago, I asked the Lord for something. I prayed for about a month and heard nothing, silent. I then told the Lord that I will stop praying about the issue and I will forget all about, but, if he wanted me to pray again for it, He will put in my heart the desire to pray again for it. I put my mind away from the issue and actually forgot all about it. Six months later I suddenly I felt the "urge" to pray again for it. I knew it was from my God. He granted me my request with an immediately Yes... and it was a huge issue, a miracle type of issue!

        I wish you all can see my perspective: God never ever answers "No" to His children. You can play the semantic game but let me tell you, what a sense of trust when we know God never ever answers us with a "No" that He always answer us with a "Yes" 1) Yes, right away my child. 2) Yes, but you are ahead of time. Let's wait. 3) I have something better for you. You are hungry and asking me for a snake to eat, but I have a real full meal for you.

        ..Go ahead and try that perspective. I know it will increase your trust and faith in God. He is just amazingly awesome!

        • 3) I have something better for you. You are hungry and asking me for a snake to eat, but I have a full meal for you. Yes, you will be satisfied and more than satisfied. Yes, oh Yes!

          • Perhaps another aspect is found in James 4:3 - "You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures."

            Asking / praying to God "amiss" is, I would suggest, asking/praying with the wrong motives. Because "if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear [me when I call upon Him]." (Ps 66:18)

            It was often this way in the old days, and it still happens today. Jer 11:11,14. But "whatsoever we ask, we receive of Him BECAUSE we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight." (1Jn 3:22 KJV with Heb 11:6.)

          • The High Priest wore the "Urim" and the "Thummim". Wasn't one of these basically to indicate a Yes, and the other to indicate a No?

          • Stewart, it seems to me that you are mixing apples and oranges here. The discussion was about how God answers requests for favors. But the Urim and the Thummin were available specifically to provide guidance with a "Yes" or "No" - as in, "Should we fight the Philistines?"

            Thus *every* answer by Urim or Thummin was a *Yes* in that God answered by guiding His people.

        • Does it matter what someone else thinks God's answer to a prayer is? What matters is what each persons needs are. I cant determine who that might be nor would I know how many "the most" are. Our perspective has limitations, so accurate comparisons are also limited. The manner in which, or how often we pray is an individual decision. The promise is found in John 14:12,13,14.

  2. This correlation between the coin and our problems and the sun makes me feel stupid for worrying
    Looking at the sun with the coin near my eye puts a correct angle to life
    My problems become minute
    Thx for the great illustration

  3. Thank you
    Your last paragraph sounds more like a song! If it is ever sung, it would work miracles for many! Indeed there are so many willing to die, even from simple problems and feelings of things untrue. They would need the hope in just that paragraph!

  4. Sometimes God Says no, end of story. Obviously there is a good reason for that whether He has something better or other reasons, our prayer should always be your will be done. He answered no to Jesus when He asked if it was possible for the Cup to be taken away from Him, as there was no other way for the redemption of the human race God had to say no to Jesus, Jesus prayer was your will be done not mine. I personally thank God for the times He said no to me,as His plan is much better than my plan, and He sees the end from the beginning. What a wonderful God we have!!!!

    • I love this post from William. Sometimes we need the hard lessons in life to grow closer to God. It is hard to hear "No" when a desire is so great, but God knows a lot more than we and He can get us through this life. My mom prayed, and asked others to pray, for healing from pancreatic cancer. The answer was ultimately "No" but God has something better than this life. It will be ushered in when Jesus returns.

  5. From this paragraph, we can clearly see that God only puts us through tough times but HE ALWAYS has a way of getting us through them. His love, mercy and grace are endless. It is so sweet to trust in God!

  6. I want to apologize if I upset and/or offended someone with my posts regarding my "perspective" that God never ever says "No" to our prayers.

    Somehow I let my ugly part in me to react to what William said about God answering "No". Sorry. My real intention was to encourage even one person, to try it out. I have been so blessed with such approach and therefore, so eager to share it, hoping there will be even just one single person who could see it.

    I know my perspective is radical and creates opposition by most as if totally wrong. This is an approach; a perspective bringing me -and those who 'see it'- such a confidence and trust that my God will never says NO to our prayers even when asking in our ignorance, for the wrong thing(s). Example as an extreme: Let say I ask God to make posible for me to go to a night club party. He will say "Actually, I have something better for you. A party that will last as long as you want and as much fun as you can handle, and I Myself will be there too".

    How will be your confidence if you approach God knowing He always will answer your prayers with a YES?

    For those of you who want to follow up on this, I have a question you can find the answer if you google it and it will surprise you: "How many NOs we got for one single YES when toddler and growing up?" Maybe there is s correlation with as I notice when I share this perspective and approach, that most people are -even passionately- against this perspective.

    Not long ago I ended up listening a series of sermons I found "by accident" in AudioVerse (www.audioverse.com) by the late Glenn Coon, founder of the ABC of Prayer, and was pleasantly surprised that he too shares the same exact perspective as I do: God never says NO to His children's prayers.

    Again, my apologies to you all, but, if there is even one person in this group, just one single person in the whole group, who dare to check out this, I encourage you to download the AudioVerse app in your mobile device, and search for Glenn Coon ...and listen to his sermons. That could be a starting point. Again, this is not for everyone, this is for just for that one-single-person out there, who dare to check out this "radical perspective and approach"

    And for the rest of you: If you feel closer to God and confidence in approaching Him with the perspective that God could answer you NO, then, keep on it. Don't give up with such approach because it is helping you to a closer relationship with Him

    Me - and few others- are also being blessed when we know God always says YES to us.

    Blessings to all

    • Eli, I did not sense anything ugly from you. I thought you just simply disagreed, and had another point of view. How can we learn from each other without sharing simple disagreements? I understand your perspective, and get the part about God giving something better to Elijah, but I simply cannot agree with you that God did not tell Elijah no for the simple fact that Elijah never died. You are free to disagree, and we can be friends and move on.

    • It is good to be challenged by ideas that make us think. In this case I don't happen to accept the idea that God never says NO. But when He does, it is for our own good. In reality, though that isn't much different than saying he has something better in mind. Two different ways of saying something very similar. The real problem is that in the sinful world we live in, may people resent the word NO, so for them, if they think God says no that makes Him not their friend. Guess where that came from? Lucifer seemed to find heaven restrictive. He sensed some NOs.

    • Thank you for these inspirational thoughts. It is true that God answers prayers with yes, no, and wait, but we should not limit God to only no, and wait. There are individuals on planet earth who are walking with God like Enoch of old, and on every occasion they present a request to God the answer is yes. This has to do with the relationship the person have with God. I have also talk to individuals who have experience instantaneous answers to prayer. It also happen to me, so thank you my Sister, and may you continue to have a closer walk with Jesus.

      Henry Haughton.

  7. Thanks William, I know a lot of people who need to hear that. Including myself, and I will certainly pass it on. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  8. William, I have come to really enjoy and take a lot of good information from your articles on SSN. These posts usually get me thinking a lot deeper about the lessons and when I read posts like these I share them with friends/family and I think you give a lot of hope to myself and others! I just wanted to thank you for this blessing. Keep writing!

  9. Elijah's "meltdown" had an unforeseen consequence. From that mountain-top experience on Carmel, Elijah descended into the valley of despair. His faith failed him. The following brief comment from the book Education is quite striking to me.

    With regards to Elijah it says,

    "There is warning also in noting the results that have followed upon even once yielding to human weakness and error, the fruit of letting go of faith.
    By one failure of his faith, Elijah cut short his life work... His faith had failed. The work he had begun he was not to complete. God bade him anoint another to be prophet in his stead." (Education p.150-151)

    Elijah's removal to heaven, while a glorious event, was also a sad indictment. That single failure of his faith [i.e. in fleeing when Jezebel threatened him,] meant that he had cut short his life work. If Elijah had remained steadfast he would have continued a while longer upon the earth, and completed the task that God had given him to do.

    • How can someone who is translated to Heaven be unworthy? Is God's choices determined by sinful mortal earthlings? If so could I be made aware of how? Somewhere in the bible perhaps?

      • Paul, if Elijah had not recovered from his "fall" (by the grace of God), he would certainly have failed on the very last 'mile', and he would never have entered heaven. But Elijah knew the power of God; he was an overcomer, and as such Elijah was "counted worthy of the kingdom of God" (2Thess 1:5). In the end he walked worthy of God, who had called him to His kingdom and glory (1Thess 2:12).

    • Would it be better to go to heaven than complete the task? Evade tthe harsh reality of aging and be in a world where sin and sorrows are absent?

      • Maggie,
        I have a suggestion. Among those who never experience death, and among the people of the first resurrection, there will be different degrees of "glory". Some will have greater physical glory than others. (1Cor 15:41-42.) But I've no doubt that absolutely everyone will be more than satisfied with their place in Glory. [Jesus refers, I would also suggest, to another aspect of this difference in one of His parables. (Lk 19:17,19.)] The fact that Elijah fell away so near to the end (even though he recovered his faith quite quickly,) meant that Elijah lost something that would have been his had he remained faithful. His denial of God's power, so near to the end of his work, had a lasting effect. I think it is for this reason that the Spirit of Prophecy refers to the "warning" in the earlier quote.

  10. ? Hi Stewart, blessings to you.

    As I previously presented: it is a perspective. I recognize for most of the people this is an out-of-the-box and radical perspective on the matter as I notice when sharing such perspective with others. Most feel better and safe with a black and white, "Yes or No". That's perfectly fine as long as it keeps the believer on God's path, because that's what it matters.

    The "Urim" and "Thummim" is a "black and white" because that's the language the children understood. However; when God says: "No"; what is He actually saying?

    Example: Looking at the 10 commandments; we find a list of "Nos" (Do Not's) "Do not commit adultery". What is God actually saying with this commandment? This is how I see it; this is my perspective: God is actually saying: Keep your marriage pure. Marriage represents my union between you and Me. Marriage represents the union between my Son Jesus and the Church. The body is temple of the Holy Spirit.... etc, etc as there is a long list that can be made from it. I rather see it from that perspective.... the positive side.

    Another perspective I practice, is personalizing Bible verses. Example:
    “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for STEWART CRAFTS will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on STEWART CRAFTS”‭‭ Isaiah‬ ‭54:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Now, look at this:
    "Therefore I say to STEWART CRAFTS, Stewart, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”
    ‭‭Mark‬ ‭11:24‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    ...And there are hundred and hundreds of Bible verses that such can be applied:

    God wants us to be joyful, optimistic, happy, peaceful, positive, healthy, etc. As I understand, when sin is eliminated for good, there will not be any longer, negative-people, there will be no No-people.

    I used to believe and I used to see "black and white" regarding God answering with a: Wait, Yes or No, until I began seen God with different light. A new perspective came and then I said to myself: "Oh mine.... what I was missing"

    This is not about me trying to make a theology argument here. I'm just sharing a personal blessing and experience. As I said before, this is a radical perspective and most people don't see it and disagree with it. However, I'm sharing such perspective, because, maybe there is just one single person who could see from such perspective and he/she will also say: "Oh mine, what I was missing"

    Again, the matter is not if we see "black and white" or if we see God never answering with NOs. What it matter is our close relationship with God, our constant prayer lives, our trust in God, our salvation.

    I feel much more close to God with such perspective than with a "black and white - Yes, No". I'm sure I'm not the only one and I'm sure there is someone in the group that this perspective will be a blessing, and it is for that person I'm presenting such perspective here.

    Stewart, changing the subject. I want to thank you, but much more than that, I thank The Lord for you. When I read your posts, I learn, but much more than that, I'm blessed. May God keep blessing you.

    Ciao ?

    • Eli, I agree with the concept of "something better". I also teach it. And yet, I feel that this concept should not leave the impression that God doesn't say "No" to us. There are nos', (and sometimes urgent, even stern, nos') but they are the kind of "no" that is spoken by a kind, compassionate, Parent.


      There are quite a few "something better" statements in our books. I expect that the following one is well known to you...

      “Something better” is the watchword of education, the law of all true living. Whatever Christ asks us to renounce, He offers in its stead something better. Often the youth cherish objects, pursuits, and pleasures that may not appear to be evil, but that fall short of the highest good... Let them be directed to something better than display, ambition, or self-indulgence." (Education p.296-297)

      • Stewart, I know you disagree with my perspective -as most people do, and that's fine. No problem at all. -However, I sense you are implying I'm wrong by pursuing something "that may not appear evil, but fall short of highest good". On the last one -with my utmost respect- I think it is out of target, because I feel closer to God with the perspective I tried to share.

        Blessings to you Stewart ...and to everyone else ?

  11. Correction: The website for AudioVerse is www.AudioVerse.ORG I typed in a previous post .COM

    Someone I gave the website address pointed the mistake to me (Never before I have been in that website until few minutes ago as I use the AudioVerse app instead)

    If using the app in your mobile device (iOS or Android) listen the very first sermon on the top, titled: "An Amazing New Kind of Prayer". Tap on to listen and be blessed

    Somehow in the website the order is opposite and shows in page 14 as the last sermon. Actually here is the direct link: https://www.audioverse.org/english/sermons/recordings/5334/1an-amazing-new-kind-of-prayer.html

    ...Or, click on the menu to click on "Presenters" and search for "Coon, Glenn" and: "Amazing New Kind of Prayer" ...Actually, listen to all of his sermons. Your prayer life will not be the same!


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