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HopeSS: The Crisis Continues — 5 Comments

  1. oh am I excited!!! I have not seen you for almost a year and a half now I 've been missing you, you are like a family, I have learned so much from Hope Sabbath school and shared with so many at work. may God bless and keep you!!!

  2. During the study of the lesson this week (Sunday), I remembered of a book from Pastor Alejandro Bullon: Knowing Jesus is Everything. Knowing Jesus personally is the most important experience of our lives!

    • Collins, were you able to access those files in previous lessons?

      I just checked the internet addresses for those files, and they are correct. So you may have a problem with your computer or your internet service provider. If you are trying to access the files from work, you may be behind a firewall that does not allow downloading of files in order to protect the local computers.

  3. Thank-you, Nancy, for your powerful testimony. I too am a homeschooling mom and can empathize with you. Knowing that God's purpose for me at this time is in my home teaching my children to know him, I am re-encouraged to keep the needle to the pole by trusting only Him to direct me.


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