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  1. Awesome. I unfortunately learned the hard way also. I went thru bank ruptcy and lost it all. I do not have a credit card now, but, I have a debit card, and dumb me has Pay Pal that I am paying off. Your article hit so close to my heart, thank you for writing it.

  2. All of us has a story to tell about how we were rescue from the problems of this world. Thank God for his LOVING GRACE and the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I appreciate that you are not afraid to share some of the logic that we all struggle with, not just with money but with how we make choices in general!
    I hope to read soon you are all paid up and live like Dave Ramsey says: "live like no one else, so later you can live and give like no one else!"

  4. When we do not have the wisdom that accompanies someone with experience, the mistakes and pitfalls are plentiful. I know. Been there done that. Our society will most often find ways to be indebted to the money lenders. We as christen believing people don't have those problems because we trust in God, Right!...? Sadly enough, our desires are more important than our foresight. I have been reading Ephesians 6:10-18; The whole armor of God. The many temptations that the devil puts in our path are so cunningly devised that we have no chance of survival by our selves. Thank God.!!

  5. Many people relate well to your story.Thank for the courage to share and admonish others not to fall on a similar trap.The best way is to learn to save and have self control

  6. Thanks for the sharing. Truly what you can't afford by your own sweat you shouldn't afford by other means. Debt is a prison whose barrier is hard to break. Am in the same mess and struggling to be free. Paying back is painful while failing to pay back is wickedness. Ridding a bicycle today in order to drive an SUV tomorrow is better than vice versa
    Am waiting for your next post

    • Happy Sabbath!
      Very awesome! I am always touched by your real life experiences. I've just finished paying off my husband's credit card... though we used the money to buy materials to helped build our house and tickets for when we needed to travel-it still was not a smart move. I do have a debit card but it cannot be used unless I deposit money in the account and because I know this I have control. Yes God is loving and gracious to us.
      I also want to add to at times we placed ourselves in debt thinking it's God's will. I'll give an example to illustrate. A member will come with a legitimate need and we genuinely don't have it, we seek out someone else but that person(s) don't have it either. So instead of trusting and waiting on God we go borrowing thinking it's a Christ-like duty and before you know it both parties are in debt... I hope I am making myself clear? I am just excited to hear the continuation. Thanks for your God-given insights and experiences on this forum.

      • Also our motives must be in accordance with God's will. Because at times as members of the church(didnt say christian) we are held in high esteem and because someone comes for financial help we think in order to keep our Pharasaic
        front we must do it to keep looking like we doing the will of God. Seeing it happened and then they need bailing out themselves...then the church is wondering what happened to so and so? Our motive must be in alignment with God!

    • As I understand how God looks at us, it is the direction of our lives that concerns Him. Are we moving away from Christ or towards Him? It is not how "perfect" we are at a given moment, but the direction we are moving. If we apply this to debt, it would mean that if we are sincerely working to pay back what we owe, the Lord accepts this intention of our heart as testified by our actions.

  7. Oh that God may rescue yet another stupid soul. Thank you for the encouragement brother. God bless you for sharing. "I've wondered far away from home, Lord am coming home...

  8. When we got married, my spouse had credit cards debts and student loan. we managed our budget, and slowly paid off all debts. Currently we have car payments to make, but that too will be over next year. It has been our goal to live debt free.
    Living within our means does need a conscious decision, discipline, and complete surrender to God's provisions in every aspects of our lives.


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