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How the Complete Gospel Brought Complete Healing to the Leper — 10 Comments

  1. Oh everyone is friendly or not. The painful story is also how new members and the younger generation feel. Older members might look at the absurd situation with maturity or make abstraction because one cannot change people nor oblige them to take you in their circle.

    I know bleeding young hearts.
    I know youths who are fourth generation in this church who feel alienated so much they want to leave. Some don't go anymore. Young university student in new town, who said to me I go to church (I mean from a long distance) no one ever invites me. Another girl said, I return to the four walls of my room. One boy said I could hear the feet of other students, I was alone. A woman said if you're divorced it's like you've caught a contagious disease. your circle lessens.
    An evangelist once said some of us are so heavenly we are no earthly good. And most of us might know the song that says no man is an island.

    I know hearts also who have so much affection to share but no one wants their association.
    We want to bring in new members but many inside are hurting so much.
    When will we understand that "love" is the label of the genuine christian. I know true christians, whose presence punctuate a heavenly aura.

    • On point my sister. We truly must do better in our churches because people are coming in but shortly thereafter exits through the back door. Unfortunately, by the time they're missed it's absolutely too late.
      After Jesus touched the leper, we should take note that He was not shunned. He left the city, but they came out to Him for more teaching and healing.

    • This is too good to be true. I often get this feeling of being alone as a new SDA member but I keep reminding myself that we serve one master who love everyone to the core. And that when return there will not be any such excuse “I failed to do/be good because church members didn’t show me love”. So We must keep running until we finish the race; Jesus will give us amazing reward.

  2. In my pre-Adentist days, when I was first learning about the unique, distinctive doctrines of the church through a Revelation Seminar, I was genuinely impressed with the friendliness of the members that supported the meetings. This was very important to me as a single young man (early 20's). The first time I was invited to a "Sabbath lunch" I couldn't believe that a couple cared enough to invite me, virtually a stranger, to experience food and fellowship with them. This spoke volumes to me about the sincerity of their faith and the truths they embraced. Too often we can be too busy, tired, unprepared, or distracted, to the point that we miss out on the blessing of being a part of someone's "divine appointment". Lord help me/we to see others through your eyes of love. Then I/we will be better for others. I am living proof that friendship evangelism works. "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care"!, the saying is still true today.

    • Thank you for sharing, Tim. I'm so glad you found the congregation at your first church friendly. And I'm so happy you are sharing on our blog!

      I also know that it doesn't take everyone in a congregation to exude warmth (though that would be ideal). If just three people interact with a visitor on a given Sabbath, that visitor is very likely to feel welcomed.

      Official greeters count less than unofficial greeters. 😊 And potlucks can't altogether take the place of invitations to homes. So the challenges for each of us are these:

      • Will I be one of those 3 who make a visitor feel welcome?
      • Will I/we invite someone home with us at least once a month?

      As a practical solution to very busy lives, some churches have assigned families to invite visitors home on no-potluck Sabbaths, and that also works.

  3. Good Morning William Earnhardt, I have just read your post which was most enlightening... especially when it comes to touching like Jesus did with the Leper which believe me shows deep love from both too each other and how the gospel from Jesus is highly appreciated by the Leper.
    We should do as Jesus does to Us and to respective "new" disciples...in other words You physically practiced what You preach as Jesus's Disciples 🙏🏿


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