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  1. William, I have somewhat similar story. In 1975 I was 13 years old and going to school in 1st form. A boy and I had a fight. I came out the looser because the boy hit me in one eye (you can see that I wasn't a good fighter) and I had to go to the doctor. He recommended me to a specialist in the City. Now living in the Caribbean things was not as easy then as in the United States.
    Therefore seeing a ophthalmologist one would have to wait at least 1 year to a year and one half with an appointment. But I quickly suggested to the doctor that I would opt out on this appointment (of wish I did). Because by then Jesus would have come and my eyes would have been fixed by Him.
    Since then it has been 42 years and Jesus had not come! Oh man have I glad that He has not come yet? You bet! Growing up Seventh-day Adventist, I was told we were in the “last days.” Of which I firmly believe.

  2. William, I identify with most of what you have written about. I remember when I had hoped that I will reach age 40. And like us you and I, are much wiser now with different goals. I thank God for every new day. What ever God provides is an undeserved blessing. To speculate on what the last days will be or how near they are doesn't absorb a great deal of my time. I am not monitoring the signs from the news media. Some were sure those signs are here and it is time to sell possessions and property. Of course we could look at our own church history and the great disappointment. We only can live one day at a time. That is what I look forward to. My prayer is for the help that I need. Not to get ready, but be ready.

  3. When I was born in 1921, Jesus was coming soon. When I married in 1940, Jesus was coming soon. When Betty died in 1990, Jesus was coming soon. When Joan my second love, died in 2016, Jesus was coming soon. I am nearly 97 years old, and it is like my wait is almost over, time passes swiftly while in the grave. Betty has waited 28 years but it will be like soon to her. How soon is soon for each of us, who knows, but it will be sooner than later.

    • Just hold on a little longer until your waiting is over and should it be that you have to rest like those who are resting your time will be just the right time. Because He that will come! Will come! And will not tarry. God bless our wait.

  4. I too felt all my life that it was the last days, but since there has been no Sunday law passed yet, I think there will still be more "days". Come soon Lord Jesus! We are waiting for you!

  5. Pray for Jesus to come soon. I have seen my parents and grand parents live and died with the hope. And now I can see He is closer now than ever before. Pray, pray...

  6. The older I get the more I get this sense William is expressing. I am turning 60 in a few weeks and 90 is about it in our family as well. We should have this expectation that these are our last days as our Heavenly Father waits patiently for the rest of our heavenly family.

  7. My beatiful husband Jerry passed away just 1 year and a bit ago. I was so devastated that the coming of Jesus is so real. I prayed and still praying so hard as if i havent prayed before for His soon return so i can see the Man who gave me hope to see my Jerry again and Jerry himself. Oh Lord Jesus, please come very soon but help me to be patient as You have been so patient to me.

  8. Several years ago, the pastor at a local SDA church spoke at end times. He started by asking how many of the congregation had grandparents and parents who had been Adventist. There were a large number of the congregation who put up their hands in response. Then he asked them to keep their hands up if those grandparents had expected to see Jesus' return. All those hands stayed straight up. When he asked if their parents were sure they would see Jesus come back for us, several put their hands down, but many still had their hands up. Finally he asked them to keep their hands up if THEY were sure they would live to the Second Coming. A lot of hands went down. Not from a lack of faith! To prove that point, Pastor asked us to put up our hands if we believed Jesus was going to come back for us, as the Bible promises us -- and all of us put our hands up then. But, as Pastor pointed out in his sermon, we have been living in the End Times since Jesus went back to His Father. When he returns is up to God, not us!

  9. We all want Jesus to come, soon. Another thought, not too soon. I have beloved family members and friends who have not accepted Jesus as their Savior. If He comes right now, or very soon, to all appearances they are lost. I'll wait a while, if waiting will give them another chance to listen to the Holy Spirit. His coming will not be put off forever, but I would patiently wait a little, if by waiting it could mean their salvation.

  10. This end time was seen by Paul as very soon! Look at what he says in IThessalonian 4:15-For this we sayunto you by the word of the Lord ,that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall notprevent them which are asleep' Paul had the conviction that Jesus'return was to be very soon so much he himself will see him. But count how many years have passed since that time!

  11. Matt. 24:34: Is the idea that "the generation in which all these things will come to pass, will be the generation in which I will return" a correct interpretation? What about Rom. 9:28 - cutting the work short in righteousness? Are we settling into truth when we no longer look for a calendar date but totally trust the life-giver and His life-giving power to "whenever He chooses". We have the satisfaction of knowing His promises never fail, yet it is troubling to blank out the question "How long"? We seem to be hard-wired to expect that no earth-shaking event will occur without further revelation or at least deeply significant reminder. (Joel 2:28). What was Phillip really asking for in John 14:9? A selfie with Jesus and His Father? If according to Nicole Lampe Digital Strategy Director at Resource Media, "picture processing is an ability we were all born with" was not Phillip's question legitimate?
    Leola Roach Haynes


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