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I Don’t Need Anything the World Has — 5 Comments

  1. And yet, there are things that this world has that we, even Christians, need just as much as the world needs, and Jesus mentioned this when He said to not worry about them because His Father knows that we also need them as well -- namely: food, clothes, shelter. So, to me, the words of John should read, "Love not the "Sin of the world," nor the "Sinful things in it." Then Jesus said to "Seek His Kingdom and also His Righteousness," and these things would also be added to us.

    • Hi, Pete. You make a great point. However, there is still the fact that the sinful ways of the world very much include a lust for unnecessary possessions, at the expense of the good that could otherwise be done with those material resources.

      The Father knows what we need, and also how we can experience the greatest sense of fulfillment in life, and the latter probably has a lot less to do with the acquisition of material goods or means than we are often tempted to think.


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