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  1. I'm a sabbath school teacher and this the best quarterly I have seen, I give it a 9 out of 10. It would be great if it had the capability to write your answers in the lessons for each day.

  2. I think it is important to know that 'All things were created through Him and for Him'..that God created us for a purpose .

  3. I find this word evolution very interesting not in the Darwinese (Charles Darwin) sense of natural selection and the whole "evolution theory" but in the word itself, meaning maturing, changing or a process of change in a particular direction. Where did this word originate from anyway? Because I see some of this meanings in the bible. And it seems to me that the whole world is "evolving" or to put it in the word more at home "decaying". And aren't we as christians evolving too? Aren't we supposed to be "changing"? I can see why its eazy for some people to believe in the evolution theory because there is change taking place all the time. So true.. without the knowledge of the creation week by God we would be lost and our hope would be meaningless

    • Unfortunately the word "evolution" nowadays has the connotation of "evolving" from a simple or primitive state to a complex, "mature" state. Thus the connotation is contrary to the biblical truth that the earth grows old and runs down (Isa. 51:6; Ps 102:25,26) The world is, indeed, "decaying."

      Insofar, as to "evolve" meant to "change," I believe in "evolution." 😉 We are all constantly changing -- for the worse or for the better. By God's grace we can all change and grow into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. (II Cor. 3:18)

  4. On Jan 5 2012 an article posted to the Huffington Post caught my eyes. It says that ... "the biggest mystery in the universe perplexing one of the world's best known scientists is -- women." Stephen Hawking said it! Wow, isn't it true that evolution couldn't explain about women?!? Incredible!

    • Hawking may not have said this facetiously.

      Sexual reproduction of any kind -- whether plant or animal -- actually goes against the expectations of evolutionary theory, since it is a much less efficient method of reproduction than asexual reproduction. And for such a mechanism to evolve by naturalistic means is highly improbable. But then the naturalistic "evolution" of the "simplest" living cell violates the law of probability. Since this could not evolve within the time frame postulated since the "big bang," from which the universe supposedly originated, scientists have begun to postulate "multiverses." So now, anything that is impossible in this universe must have originated in another universe and been introduced to our universe.

      It is evident that Henry Morris's article Evolution Is Religion--Not Science is still relevant.

  5. wow thank you Inge Anderson for the insight God is truly blessing the world with understanding through people like you and the power of the Holy Spirit ...as He said ask ...and you shall receive 🙂

  6. Am total pleased with this quarterly lesson, a wonderful topic.

    Those who accept evolution contend that creation is not scientific; but can it be fairly said that the theory of evolution itself is truly scientific?


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