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  1. Thank you for sharing the insightful meanings of the sacrifice on the the cross. It will be our theme of most intense interest now, and in the years of eternity to come. Even when we see with our own eyes the glories of Heaven, it will still be impossible to fathom the depth of humiliation God chose to accept on our behalf.

  2. All the light of the sacred story illuminates the cross which helps us see in Jesus the world's Redeemer.

    The light shining from the cross reveals the love of God.

  3. Thank you sister Anderson for this beautiful well written message on the cross. Of which I would like to add some info, God has led me to see and understand that has been such a blessing.
    First of all, I am all about numbers with God, because he is all about law and order, and there is meaning with them, just as 7 is of rest and completeness, 3 Godhead, 6 man, 10 law, 12 salvation, 40 purification and so on, just to name a few.
    And so I noticed that in Genesis 22 we have the story of Abraham offering Isaac. In Ps 22 David wrote about the cross and it’s called the chapter of the cross. In Isaiah 22 we have the Key of David, of which is the cross, along with the humanity that Jesus took in Davids house, and lived a perfect life, makes that key, also found in Rev 3:7, that gives Jesus the right to unlock salvation for humanity as our High Priest.
    Then there is one more 22, that you have to put together in the gospels, where Jesus foretold the fall of Satan for the second time from heaven, this is because Satan became the representative of this world when Adam fell giving him right to go in to the counsels of heaven when God called for a meeting of all the worlds and their sons, found in Job 1:6. And so you will find this in Luke 10 and John 12, where Jesus foretells of salvation by names being written in the book and Satan would fall from heaven in Lk 10, and of His death causing Satan to be cast out in Jn 12. And 10 and 12 is 22, and the 22nd letter in the alphabet is V for Victory, of which Jesus gained at the cross. And now Jesus wants to fulfill the New Covenant and write His law on our hearts and give us Victory as well.
    Read 5T ch 53 Joshua and the Angel p467.2 this is so beautiful and important to understand.
    God bless

    Second of all, I saw the true meaning of Jn 3:16, that God the Father gave His Son and put Him on the cross, with the agreement of the Son of coarse, remember Jesus said no one takes my life but I lay it down. Satan knew the scriptures and did everything to keep Jesus off the cross but the hate that he set in motion, God used to accomplish His promise.
    This is why Satan had all the babies killed, tempted Jesus at His weakest point, had the Jews try and stone Him and throw Him off a cliff, make it seem hopeless in the garden, kill him by the mob and was only saved by the Roman soldiers and taunted him to come off the cross personally in the form of a human we are told.
    And it can be seen that the Jews did not want to kill Jesus at the time of the holiest time of the year, it was the Passover and the year of Jubilee but God forced the leaders to unite on killing him by the resurrection of Lazarus.
    Seeing this made this great love story all the more powerful.


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