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  1. Indeed, He has, Brother William. I look forward to meeting you in person, if not on this side, then most certainly on the Other Side. May God continue to richly bless you and your ministry. With Love, your sister in Christ.

  2. Thanks for your post my brother. I smiled alone as I was reading your post and so many of my friends were crossing my mind. I realised for sure that reconnecting with spiritual friends is spontaneous and now I'm even connected with you when we have never met! It really shows the power of love from the holy spirit. May the holy spirit never leave us as we continue letting God's love flow through us.

  3. Love comes in different sizes and shapes. Matt 22:37-40 has to be one of the most quoted verses about love. In reflecting on how am I doing? I know there is always room for improvement. In our cluttered daily activities, our thoughts are drawn to temporal inclinations. The computer is a classic example.

  4. Thank you Bro William for your very insightful and comforting post. As I read, I remembered my dear friends and family members I have not seen for almost 25 years! Recently, I managed to see part of my family I had not seen in 22 years. It was funny when we met, it seemed as if we left each other the other day!(even though some of us had now grown grey hair and some I knew as children were carrying their own little ones!). I believe God's love in us can be spread abroad by the Holy Spirit and, as you rightly said, we can receive and give that love to each other despite the distance between us. And technology has helped a great deal: when I talk to a loved one over the phone, I see them through a mental picture and feel as if we are 'really' together! God is good and God's love is amazing.


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