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  1. God works wonder in the heart, is it comforting to know that God will bring my husband to his feet and we will be able to serve him before is too late. Amen!

  2. I work in a health care and do not have the opportunity to join in worship on many occasions and I'm finding myself drifting from the sabbath observance what can I do if anyone has ever been in the same situation comments will be mostly appreciated

  3. I Suggest you take a deep thought of your concern,meaning if you feel drifted from the sabbath and worship its best to listen to the inner call inside your heart and maybe give up on work and concentrate on the call..just like how the apostles abandoned their every day career and responsibilities and followed the savior.And mind you,they were unlike us cause by then,Jesus was not fully manifested as a savior to them..we are conviced than any other genetion..answer to the inner call in your heart.you will appreciate how much you have been missing. am glad is it not too late yet. thanks

  4. My sister Priscilla,

    What u must remember is that even though u are unable to attend worship services, u must focus on the gifts that our Father in heaven has blessed u with so that u in return can be a blessing to others. In other words, u have the opportunity to turn your "work" into a 'ministry of healing'. My sister, with every soothing touch, every comforting gesture and every kind word, u are showing those who have been entrusted in your care the true character of Christ. I know from experience how easy it is to fall short in Sabbath observance, especially when u have spent so many of them at work instead of being with family but having been in your situation, I will share with u what helped me to stay focused on the 4th Commandment and that is this: moment by moment, day by day, allow your words, thoughts and actions to be COMPLETELY saturated by the Holy Spirit. Once u are in the habit of prayerfully seeking God at with each breath u take, on the days u do not have to work, u will once again enjoy the Sabbath the way the Creator meant for u to. After all, God does not want u to lose your job but he DOES want u to keep him 1st! I will keep u in my prayer hermana and all will be as God has willed it 😀


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