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Inside Story: No Quiet Work on Sabbath — 4 Comments

  1. Problem or opportunity? These are the messages that sometimes flow through our minds as we respond to life events. This was both a problem, and an opportunity. As is often the case. God's message throughout the bible is amplified when we take time to give Him the chance to be amplified. It grows our faith, and shares the good news. I hope in the new year I will remember to turn to God in prayer when "opportunities" disguised as problems come into my life path.

  2. These are the stories I take pleasure in. Those stories that are told of not compromising. Truth is truth and we should not bow to those who insist in disobeying the bible and what the sabbath means. Some says love comes first but I see the brother showing love by insisting no work be done on the roof on sabbath. Thank you brother for standing up for what the bible says.


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