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  1. The language of Isaiah is known to many of us through Handel's oratorio, "Messiah". The first two parts of this work are essentially a compilation of quotes from Isaiah and the Psalms. Although Handel's name is the one we normally associate with this work, he actually only wrote the music. The libretto was written by Charles Jennens, a wealthy landowner and musical supporter The Messiah, unlike the operas of the day, was written to be sung without dramatisation and the fact that it remains popular today is a testament to the powerful combination of the words of Isaiah with music. And at this time of the year music lovers often get together to create a performance of the Messiah to the delight of those of us who can only listen.

    It is perhaps fitting that we are commencing the study of Isaiah in December when many of us already have the words of Isaiah ringing in our ears from the traditional performance of the Messiah at Christmas.

  2. I am really looking forward to the study guides on the book of Isaiah as I have found it difficult to understand.
    We are blessed to have Dr. Roy Gane, a Hebrew scholar, who is a teacher of Old Testament at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary on the campus of Andrews University, to guide us through the book, to learn the circumstances and meaning for the people of Judah and the application to our current life.

  3. Hello Dear Friends, after the study of Isaiah, we can clearly see the correlation of the people of today, with the people of Isaiah's time. The common person and national leaders alike have taken the path to worship self, idols such as mammon and vises of addiction. Most people have placed themselves as their own gods. Those that identify the sin are then persecuted for speaking out. Let us set aside strife, feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and care for the orphan and widow. Come quickly Lord Jesus our King...

    • Amen! Agreed. I was thinking the same thing reading through the introduction. This truly seems to be an apropos study for such a time as this. I used to think Isaiah was difficult to understand, but the last time I read through it, I found the wording to be so beautiful and very revealing. Looking forward to delving into Isaiah.

  4. I'm very excited about studying the book of Isaiah. To be able learn what was happening in the days of Isaiah and to know that we can link today, and what is happening with the world and God's children, is such a blessing. To help to be able to see images, will be so beautiful, I'am a visual person. Thank you Dr. Roy Gane.


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