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  1. Thank you Lillianne! You know the more freely we forgive others the more likely we are to believe God will freely forgive us, but when we are reluctant to forgive others it tends to make us more skeptical of God's willingness to forgive. We tend to project our attitude upon others including God.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these valuable points, thank you. I love serving others, and I have learnt that Jesus came to serve. Often I have found by doing God's will that things just fall into place. I am so grateful that God is here always to lend a helping hand, guidance and protection. Thank you & God bless you Lillianne.

  3. Thank you Lillianne, the way you explain it judgement is good. Romans8:35-39 tell me how much Jesus Love us. His creation.

  4. You know, When it comes to what the devil slings at us and what he does not I believe it has a lot to do with how liberal one's theology is. Take the lead statement above "Satan says that God doesn’t really love us".

    I firmly believe that the devil does not have to be all that convincing about that - all he needs to do is use the vogue and post modern churchianity to remove the real meaning of the word love. We would then that God does not love us, usually based on how we feel rather than on what it is we actually believe.

    I call this feelings faith, a faith based on not knowing that the very meaning of many important words come up missing due to a correctness carefully crafted to replace Biblical Truth. One could call this replacement "verbicide", the heavier meaning of a word is gone. Why? Because we have lost the courage to speak truth absolutely and are more concerned about feelings than what the Bible actually teaches.

    Unless we get to the core of this truth we will never suffer well and will actually refuse to suffer at all (supposedly) all while the church works hand in hand with the pop psych industry that promotes drug use and itself promotes verbicide, by refusing to let us know that both shame AND guilt play a role in substantiating who we are and who we are not in the eyes of our Lord.

    I believe that we have more built up anger than ever do to this very thing. It does not make us feel very good and certainly do not feel loved when we are angry. This is the major reason for depression which is anger turned inward. (right where a secular therapist wants it) Then We are told that we are not guilty when we are, that there is no shame when, excuse me, according to God's Word, there is! God never describes His love in a way that puts how we feel above what is factually true. In fact the places in the word that do describe it put down some pretty firm prerequisites for understanding love.

    Take John 14. It tells us that it is the obedient that love Him. So when we are not, when we are guilty and feel ashamed, the world (pop-psych) would have us more often than not - take some drug to cover those feelings or do some therapy that dispels the very notion of right and wrong to help us feel better. They would also assign some scientific sounding name to your particular condition of shame that does more to get you to enlist into victimhood than it does to reveal your need to repent.

    Do you know how egregious it is that we allow these secular institutions to drug our small children under the pretenses of making them feel better? One of the reasons why those children that have been wards of the court from early in their lives lead lives of crime is because early on they we drugged so that their caretakers would not have to lay out and maintain boundaries.

    So, bottom line is this: Be careful to know that God loves you but God does not love sin and that if you inDEED love God - you won't. Sin is not inherent once you choose to love. Sin is a choice. If it were not there would not be love. -Gary

  5. Dreaming to save is better way to improve our Christianity values.As the need to serve grow the need to rectify the way and improve the qualities grow. It is like a teacher who need the students to understand what he/she teaches then he/she will learn and improve his/her skills to reach the need. We get closer to Jesus as we help others by teaching, praying and be the best of ourselves by learning and repenting.It is easy way to salvation

  6. Nice points Ma'am. Life is just a long journey, and before the journey begins you have to be ready on the smooth and rough terrains ahead. if you surrender on the way, your goal fails but if you pursue on what you planned, then you'll be successful. Salvation is like that...the only good thing is that THERE'S JESUS CHRIST helping us in every rough terrain we passed!

  7. I am from the beautiful islands of Fiji in the heart of the South Pacific. This is my third year of following the truth of Jesus Christ as a 'remnant' church of the Seventh Day Adventist. I am really blessed to watch the Hope Sabbath School interact to discuss and uncover bible truth and what is our Lord Jesus Christ is currently doing in the heaven sanctuary. Hope Sabbath School helped me a lot in my spiritual journey growing up into maturity. May God richly bless you guys and be a source of teaching guidance to all who want to grow in Christ Jesus.

    Nacanieli Bulisea
    Pacific Tertiary Evangelistic Center (Seventh Day Adventist Church for regional student attending tertiary education in the Fiji)


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