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  1. I agree with your insight into Romans 9. I look at the promises to the nation as a promise to me also, because by the grace of God through faith I am a part of that nation. So yes its not about me. I look at Jerimiah promises, if they arn't fullfilled now, they will be when the dead in Christ shall rise to meet Christ in the air. From what I understand I am not elected to be once saved always saved, rather I am elected to trust and obey, feed His sheep, abide in Him, come unto Him, elected to surrender my bad habits to Christ, elected to seek Him, to visualize Him, to take hold of the power of the Holy Spirit, to tell the world what He has done for me, and convey that it is not about me, rather its all about Him. Moses also like Paul was willing to give His life for the sake of the nation. I believe Moses in that instance was a type of Christ, and Paul in Romans 9:3 was a type of Christ in that sence. What a calling we all have who profess to be Christians.

  2. Hello William,

    Thank you for this reminder because it is very easy to think it is all about me; whereas, the reality is it is about God’s will being done, not my will. I am praying for a heart that will be willing to answer God’s call to think, say and do what he asks of me regardless of role he has for me on this earth.

    It will be more than enough if I can answer his call with a willing heart.

  3. I believe that those promises are both corporate and individual, not corporate alone. While God is certainly working out His will as the world rushes towards its predetermined date with destruction he is also mindful of the individual caught up in this conflict.

    Perhaps we are too caught up in the belief that everything is under Gods control. It is not. If it were, we would not be free agents. Gods will was not done when Satan lured Eve and then Adam into sin. It was against Gods will when Cain murdered Able. Eve, Adam, Cain, Moses, Saul and David all did things both in line with and against the will of God. And when something happens against the will of God, then He is not in control. Mostly it is the will of individuals that is in control, because that is the awesome repercussion of the freedom to choose and act that God has granted the entire universe. Sadly in the case of Satan and the case of our world this has gone wrong because of sin.

    God has the unenviable task of working through stubborn and stiffnecked humans to do his will. Yes, He has foreseen all that will occur and He has a plan worked out before the creation of our world to achieve his aim. Sometimes He uses angels to do things because we are not going to, and to further His plans, He needs something to happen or not to happen. Sometimes in a bad situation we see how God let’s things happen that we personally and desperately want to happen differently. It is here that His corporate will and corporate plans are fulfilled perhaps at what we perceive as our cost.

    He has assured us personally that His thoughts towards us are of peace and not of evil, to give us a future and a hope.

    If I should fall between a battle between Saul and David, what kind of faithful servant would I be to my master if I were to place my personal comfort and safety above His needs. To in essence say, I am happy to serve you, as long as things go Ok with me.

    If I am his faithful servant, I know that if I should suffer, He will suffer with me. When my heart is broken and my soul cries out in desperation and anguish, He cries with me. If I should sleep, He has been there first.

    The lesson of Lazarus that Jesus gave His disciples was that He does not call it death when we rest in Him. It is sleep. We are then permanently safe and secure, untouchable by disease, pain, heartache and even death itself because He has purchased us at an unfathomable price, and we are in safe hands.

    Were someone to ask us later if we were able to recall our most severe trials and sufferings and if they were of any account, I am sure that every single one of us there will most certainly say “Heaven was cheap enough!”

    So yes, God does desire our individual and personal good, but as faithful servants we serve through both the thick and the thin, because it is a service of love, trust, hope, faith and eternal dependance.

    When things are dark and we face our greatest test, then it is good to remember the personal promise given in one of the Bibles greatest statements.

    “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

    • Thank you Ian, so well said and explained. God will not leave even one stone unturned, He pleads for every soul so no one may perish. While we are alive and our hearts are beating, His Holy Spirit will continually convict us, but ultametally we get to make the choice.

  4. Thank you Ian, this reminds me of the three (3) Hebrew boys statement "Even if our God did not save us we will not bow to your god" They knew it was not all about them.

    Blessings to all

  5. hi William,
    you start off saying 'It is about the role they were to play.' We once had a visiting preacher who pointed out to us that a lot of families since the 'Pitcairn' days have had major roles in missionary work. But it was usually the quiet sure faith of the grandparents that influenced the great missionaries themselves. These grandparents were often farmers or housewives with no great importance in their communities, but the legacy they gave was outstanding. So Sometimes we have to look at the whole picture and not just at the individuals as you say. these 'quiet' folk were doing what God planned for them, even though it seems they did not know it. It is up to us to follow Jesus and love God and be kind to our neighbour. The accolades will follow - for sure.
    Godbless today. Mrs A Stolz


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