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  1. The waves can be referred as all challenges we face in life,no challenges no life.

    We can not know the ways of life if good or bad if there is no something we attached to,we plan to do something because we have task of doing it.

    The more the challenges more opportunities,if we focus on seing challenge as opportunity we will keep bonded to Jesus and focus our eyes on him

    There is no need to cry or lament for what sometime we go through know that it is God's plan to make you reach to the best destination of your life.
    The Disciples they where persecuted in Jerusalem in order to let them know God plan is to spread the gospel and not to lie in Jerusalem only,and by this today also am luck i know and received Jesus as my saviour in Tanzania.

    We have to have faith in God and the son Jesus in all aspects we are going through.

    Thanks a lot william,you make me stay blessed here,may God bless you.

  2. I cried when I read that testimony. Actually my life is upside down. It's like a storm but it reminds me to increase the level of faith in jesus. He is with me all the way. True the storm push you closer to God

  3. The bottom line was similar to several other occasions when Jesus ask the same question. O' ye of little faith? We may not be in great distress over a perilous situation, but God has obstacles, both large and small, that can be used to overcome, and for His purposes. We can encounter many wars and other terrible crimes, and situations, that many would shrink from, being exposed to the unthinkable. How is our faith? For me it is a journey, that is small and large, fully empowered by His Grace and Mercy.

  4. Dear William,

    Thank you for the post and the picture. I really appreciate you being open and honest about your money trial and how God worked things out for you.

    It's interesting how some people who have grown up in the church have very different experiences from some of us grafted in. As soon as I was a Christian, my life became harder than it already was, being an unwed, single, working mother at the time. My faith has continued to be severely tested, and money matters were one thing tested right from the beginning, 35 years ago, and ever since!

    Your story powerfully illustrates how He is always faithful and ever present in our lives.

  5. I am also glad for your post, William.

    The mention of Ellen White's experience on the boat, makes me think that she must have passed through a series of violent storms (literally and spiritually). It was only "a few weeks" prior to that event on the sea, that she had been very sick. "My agony was so great that I pleaded with those around me NOT to pray for me; for I thought their prayers were protracting my sufferings." Nobody (not even Ellen herself) had expected that she would live, until through the prayer of one particular man, she was revived.

    "The next day there was a severe storm, and none of the neighbors came to our house... The next day we rode 38 miles to Topsham. Inquiries were made to my father, at what time the funeral would be. Father asked: "What funeral?" "The funeral of your daughter," was the reply. Father answered: "She has been healed by the prayer of faith, and is on her way to Topsham." (1T p.80)

  6. Wooooooooow.
    This is an awesome insight and a great Inspiration. I am in a storm right now, nevertheless my trust is in Christ but sometimes they seem to be too scary and gargantuos i start thinking i can't overcome them cause they are too much for me but then i remember there is Someone bigger and stronger than my waves and storms and that He will calm them when and if necessary.
    I really needed this one. Thank You very much
    BLESS YOU William

    • For sure you confort me,this awekens me and reminds me that my Very Jesus lives.He can't let me alone while struggling the same catastrophic situation. Though we are distressed every sides and our future seem to be unpromising the only thing we remember and therefore we get hope is that because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed,for his compassions never fail.They are new every morning;great is his faithfulness.So it is good to wait quitely for the salvation of the Lord.

  7. very very true on Sunday here in Zambia,it was raining heavily with a lot of thunders and lightening s,every-time it flushed,i dashed from the kitchen where i was cooking until my six years old daughter held my hand and told me mum,dont be afraid it is just the rains Jesus loves you and he wouldn't hurt you,she helped me realize that even in that circumstance Jesus was with,my brothers and sisters Christ love for us is big,and he came to demonstrate just that.when fear wants to overcome us,we know we are not alone but that we are with the creator himself

  8. Winds and waves of changes. Let Jesus alone transform our lives through those Challenges. Psalm 46:10 tells us to experience the greatness of our Lord Jesus. Iam profoundly experiencing changes currently amidst financial and health challenges now. God is teaching me greater attitudes of faith in Him. Blessed be your experiences too. Trust Jesus.Thank you William. Happy Lord's Sabbath All.

  9. Thank you William for your post, its very encouraging and we all relate to similar storms.

    Having been born out of wedlock, brought up by neither my dad nor my mum. Many a time physically abused and labeled as a bustard, I grew up asking God, Why Lord? Only privileged to meet my Dad for the first time when I was also a father yet to only take care of him for only two years before he died. In my adulthood I now look back and Praise the Lord for my birth and upbringing. Without the waves and the way of the Lord, I would not be as blessed as I'm today. Glory to God, may his name forever be praised now and for evermore.

  10. .....always remember there is nothing that can superate us from the love of God thus why James says count it joy....Peter in his first night in prison was deep asleep till the angel patted him.....Paul wrongfully imprisoned could forget his situation and write letters to churches ..... then Jesus says in Matthew blessed are those who are persecuted .......'rejoice says James. yes waves are the ones that take us to the sea shore.


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