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  1. Thank you William for reminding us what Christianity is all about, and what the bottom line of our relationship with Jesus,the church,theology ought to be. I thank God for the knowledge,and serve him,because Jesus died for me. Thank you.

  2. Thank-you William for your testimony and supporting text. It strengthens my faith even thou I am some what aged. The childran have the opertunity to grow and lead. Even thou you are not a Church president, you still have lead in ministry in many ways, some may say how do you know, yes, I get a friendly smile on my face, and tell them I know him by his writings. 👋

    Where religion is a practical thing in the home, great good is accomplished. Religion will lead the parents to do the very work God designed should be done in the home. Children will be brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord. AH 318.2

  3. Powerful testimony, William! Thank you for sharing. I am humbled when I remember that not only did Jesus die for me, but also as me. I bow and cry "HOLY" to the one true God!

  4. Thank you for your testimony and a sermon itself. I was born in a Seventh Day Adventist home altho' my father was not a believer, he was a good man. Never had enemies, he loved our neighbors. He helped anyone (to the best he could) who needed help. My mother remained faithful until now that she is 101 years old. She still reads her Bible and sing praises to the Lord. Please pray for her because she just recovered from COVID, hospitalized for 16 days, but her faith in God healed her and now she is trying to walk on her own again. Pray for my family too. When my grandmother came to visit us we used to walk 3 and a half miles to church. We went to church even in the rain and one time on our way home, there was a storm and of course it came with lightning and thunder, and it was windy too. I did not feel scared because I knew God was watching over us, and in my heart I was singing, " Anywhere with Jesus I can safely go". There were so many trials and challenges with my journey as a Seventh Day Adventist when I was growing up because we were the only believer in our community then. But like what William said, focus on The Cross and Jesus will carry me through! Thank you for reading my little story. God bless us and Happy Sabbath Day to all!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful teaching; it has touched my heart through the Spirit of love. It shows those who have ‘received’ the love at the cross have also ‘shared’ in His death; as they too, do the will of the Father.
    Matthew 7:21. To become IN Christ, we do AS Christ.


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