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Jesus in Jerusalem – Hit the Mark — 6 Comments

  1. Curtis, I know what "Hitting the mark" means from what you have contributed this week. I fully agree and appreciate the insight you
    have given to the lesson. The questions at the bottom are all very relevant. Thank You.

  2. Hey Curtis
    I like what you have written as well. The scene would have been very poignant. Something that was highlighted to me once was how this scene was the first Great Disappointment and the second was a parallel one to it in 1844. There were the expectations of what Jesus would do, the miss understanding, the missed warnings, the grief and disillusionment, the time of testing of faith, the command to go and preach again to all the world, are just a few of the parallels.

  3. Why did Jesus weep? Some say because He was upset that they were rejecting Him. I believe that it was His concern and love for his chosen people and they were missing out on what he was offering them.

  4. I still miss out on this week's lesson why the entry into Jerusalem is dubbed,'triumpant entry' because Jesus had oftenly been to Jerusalem?

  5. All the other times that Jerusalem he came quietly trying not to attract too much attention, even after healing many people He told them not too tell people. However this time, he firstly rides a colt - which is fulfilment of the prophecy, secondly he allows people to call him King.

    Blessed is the King coming in the name of the Lord!


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