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Jesus Taught Everyone With Dignity and Compassion — 3 Comments

  1. Amen brother and I think you will find EG White says, Jesus wrote the sins of the men in the sand of which showed they had no right to stone her. And just like u said, He could have publicly spoke them embarrassing them but He did not and He wrote them in sand which can be erased, where as the law was written in stone and can not. Yes He was treated like we should have been to establish the law of love in our hearts, just as Rom 5:10 tells us, we are saved by His perfect life and drawn and won by the cross of love.
    Can we ask for any better God than that? It brings tears to think about it. Thank you so much for reminding us of something that has not always been practiced, or over looked.

  2. I've learnt something great from your post William. Our God loves us although we are sinners but we tend to like those who we think
    are righteous. May we have that godly love and attitude towards others.

  3. William I must say I love your stories and your enlightenment you are truly a gift from our creator. I believe we know from chapter 50 of the desire of ages and other books written on the subject who this woman was and how she became to be in this situation in the first place, via her uncle...Royce


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