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  1. The quote from Ministry from Healing..pg 148 is significant & crucial.
    There needs to be more of an inductive approach to teaching in Sabbath school, rather than simply commenting on religious history of 2000 years ago. Inductive: observe information, interpret it, then apply it . OR acquire knowledge, analyze it and apply it.
    Sometimes analyzing is called unpacking or thinking it through.

    Applying it is called "What is the take away"?

    What are the main take aways of ACTS?

    In modern culture, what is required in the ACTS 15 counsel would seriously impact society.

    • This morning, I was thinking of what the stories of Acts speak. I see the Spirit of God alongside those who are willing to work to fulfill his will on this earth, filling their lives with peace in the midst of challenging, even terrible, circumstances. I see members of the body of Christ being taken far outside their comfort zones to the edges of faith as God leads them to his far-reaching vision of truly abundant life. I see the Word of God, sharper than a two-edged sword, dividing those who profess to believe God, into two classes: those who follow the Word wherever he leads, and those who follow the gods that they have made in their own image. This is the relevance and reality of the messages of the three angels in the Revelation of Jesus Christ. The good news is that God can be trusted and worshipped without reservation because of his deep incredible love for each being in his creation.


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