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    • Matthew, it's hard to know what you mean by "not been allowed to actualize your talents."

      Do you mean that you've not been allowed to exercise your talents?\

      If so, do you see anyone "allowing" Paul to exercise his talent of speaking from his education and experience? When not allowed to speak in the synagogue, he spoke to people at the riverside, in their homes and by the wayside - just like Jesus did. And even when he was imprisoned, God gave him opportunities to share his faith - without anyone else's input.

      No one needs to "allow" you to exercise God-given talents.

      On the other hand, not being chosen to speak in church or to hold office is another matter. That choice is up to the local congregation who would hopefully take your talents into consideration. But not holding office or standing behind a pulpit does not prevent people from exercising God-given talents.

      But perhaps you mean something else and you can share what you mean by not been allowed to actualize your talent, and you can share that with us.


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