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Wednesday: Learning Through Failure — 4 Comments

  1. Blessed are the humble for they are docile, learning by doing, learning by making mistakes, and by allowing themselves to be retrained. Admitting mistakes is good for the soul, building character. I do believe, this attribute is vital, as we can only take our character's with us, as Christ calls us to meet Him in the air. We need not pack our bags, as Christ coming looms in the near future, as we see the earthquakes intensifying in frequency and intensity, with morality and the economy going sour, and the gospel being taken to the world as never before.

    • When we fail as we are preaching god's word it's a chance for us to rise again and be able to do the right way. It's a point for us to amend where we made mistakes and refocus.

  2. The first feeling one gets when failed is discouragements. Some think that is the end of the world when failed. No not at all. Whether it be witnessing or personal spiritual lives. Discouragement is one of the tools used by Satan to keep us away. Be of good courage. Unfailing Love of Jesus is with us unto the end of the world. Sit back relax and take courage in the lord. Do it again. You are not alone God is with you. I can do all things through Christ Which strengtheneth me (Phil 4:13).


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