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Thursday: Learning Through Success — 3 Comments

  1. I believe that we need to use our resources to the maximum. There are hymns that are conducive to bringing people to God. The music department of the church should plan thoroughly. The special songs should match the theme of the sermon of the day and if possible one should be sung before the sermon and one at the end. Children should be used in evangelism. Those who show oratory skills should be coached to share God's message. In every house call, a child should be placed in the forefront to present God's message...the impact will be great and God will take care of the increase! Let us be unified! Let us spread the Word with power through the ministry of the Holy Spirit!

  2. We can only learn from success if we go back and chart review our success to evaluate where we can make improvements, and fix in our mind the salient plans that made us successful. Yes Christ made us successful by His power and we give him the glory. But we need to keep these tools and gifts that made us successful in the forefront. Another point today is that success is not measured by numbers, which many have pointed out in various other blogs. I count success as doing, then leaving the numbers to Christ as long as I sow, water, and harvest when needed irrelevant of time and not necessarily in that order.
    God Bless you all in your sharing the gospel, which is also the love of God, God's love for us, and what He has done for us.
    Good Day

  3. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing (John 15:5). This is the key for success. People who understand this point and abide in Christ no matter what will succeed in both spiritual life and evangelistic thrust. Trying to do anything without Christ is of no use. Let us all abide in Christ and reap the fruit of success. God bless you all.


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