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Lesson 2: Crisis in Eden – Discussion Starters — 2 Comments

  1. Satan is our enemy and he will do anything he can to get to follow his evil and deadly path.The phrase "you will strike his heel" refers to satan's repeated attempts to defeat Christ during his life on earth."He will crush your head" foreshadows Satan's defeat when Christ rose from the dead. A strike on the heal is not as deadly, but a strike on the head is.Already God was revealing his plan to defeat Satan and offer salvation to the world through his son, Jesus Christ.

  2. Looking at the extra blessings pronounced to man at creation,I think we fall short at how we view them. According to Genesis 1 :28, there are three extra blessings.They come in this order,1)replenish the earth. 2)subdue it. 3)have dominion.
    We seem to overlook the first two and concentrate more on the last one.


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