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Lesson 8: Worship the Creator – Discussion Starters — 10 Comments

  1. "The thief on the cross and the everlasting gospel". At the point where that criminal was, it would have been out of character for Jesus to sort of like say to him, I told you so and let him die both deaths if you will. Jesus came to save sinners and that's what He was going to do regardless of the place and time. And that's" Lucky " for us as well as the thief on the cross! So then, our message to the everyone without Christ should be centered on the love of the Father through the Son, the willing sacrifice of the Son to forgive and redeem, and the ultimate power and relentless of the Godhead to preserve whosoever believe and rely on Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

    • Marie, the conversation between the criminals that were crucified on either side with Jesus indicate that only one of the criminals had a change of heart. He repented because they deserved the punishment, but Jesus did no wrong. Jesus new the hearts of both criminals, and the one that repented was promised salvation with Jesus. Jesus also was concerned about the sneering Jewish leaders that were responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus, by asking the Father to forgive them for their misguided deeds. We can only be in awe of love like that.

  2. The text given for a memory text Rev.14:6 made me wonder what "another Angel", referred to? Turning to Revelation 11:15, we find the answer. John saw a number of Angels in the preceding chapters. This Angel was 1 of 3 Angels that John saw in this vision. Other days covered in the lesson will be discussed. As was mentioned already, to fear God means respect or reverence God, not fearful of life threating circumstances. The everlasting Gospel mentioned, along with the great commission, Matt 28:19,20 and Matt.24:14, often poses the question, when? Soon is, often an answer. How is that possible with at least 100's of millions that continue to reproduce? My answer is, when Jesus returns the Gospel will have been preached to His satisfaction, not ours.

    • Well, reproduction may not be considered as "new people" in that "everyone" must be notified about the love of God explained through the gospel. Remember that God commended the Israelites to teach their children from generation to generation all the commandments of God given to the parents? So yes, everyone will be notified one way or another.

  3. I as a sinner fail Jesus each and every day. If Jesus had not blessed the thief on the cross, then what hope of any salvation would I have today? If Jesus had not blessed and forgiven that sinner on the cross, then all would have been for naught, Jesus' life, His teachings, His purpose for being a mortal human being for 33 years. Every thing He did gave us the blue print of how to live our lives today. No, we aren't going to be able to put aside everything and have absolutely no work on Sabbath, some people in the Healthcare field for example work a 24/7/365 setting, and there are times those people will be pulled to work a Sabbath, are we condemned for it? No, Jesus gave us that exclusion if you will by His healing the blind man on Sabbath. Humanitarian acts. Also remember the lessons with the woman at the well, "...he who is not of sin, let him cast the first stone..."

    • Well Dora,

      It's interesting that you would bring up that point. I'm sometimes puzzled about the difference between Jesus' healing on the Sabbath and some of us "working" on the Sabbath and try to compare it with what Jesus did. While it is not my intention to condemn anyone who's had to do it, I am not comfortable with the notion that it is comparable to what Jesus did. For instance, Jesus never charged anyone for whatever benefit He provided them with and when He healed on the Sabbath, much more than physical healing, this was for the healed as well as the spectators to be assured that Jesus was really who He claimed to be, which the Son of God, and with the full power to create, resurrect, wash, and save whosoever believeth in Him. So His healing on the Sabbath is not comparable to "working" and get paid for the Sabbath. Moreover, I don't think it's a license to anyone to work 24/7 including the Sabbath as you described it,simply because it's the healthcare field. (That's my understanding based on how Jesus acted).

      • some people who work on Sabbath will actually donate those funds, I know that in the past I have used that 'exception/excuse' but honestly, it is not for us to judge each other but pray that the Spirit convict us on what is important and what to surrender and change.

  4. Dora, the examples that Jesus did on the Sabbath are not comparable to our situations in life for a number of reasons. For instance Jesus was condemned by the Pharisees for picking grain on the Sabbath. It is not our place to judge others.

  5. Some people work at jobs that cannot avoid Sabbath work e.g.rescue helicopter pilots, an ambulance in the sky, for seven days on and seven days off. Are they to donate their wage for every Sabbath they are on call? Jesus said in Matthew 12:5 'Or haven't you read in the Law that the priests on Sabbath duty in the temple desecrate the Sabbath and yet are innocent'? I know this is not quite the same thing but there is a principle expressed here. Certainly God asks us not to work on the Sabbath and I have never done so, however no judging, because it is not always black and white.

    • Well, Tammy, if this is your situation I would answer it like this: Pray, pray, pray. Then make your decision. If it is someone else's decision or a hypothetical case I would say, "God will lead you in making the right decision. Trust in Him."


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