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  1. Thank you so much for starting the comments again on the Sabbath School quarterly. I have learned so much from what you share!!!

  2. I like the last sentence of Gal 5:26 in The Message Bible "Each of us is an original." What do we know about originals? They cost a lot more than a copy.

  3. The statement is: “We should not expect complete victory over sin until Jesus comes.”

    Does that complete victory mean absolutely no sin in deed, thought, commission, or omission? Only God knows.

    Enoch, Elijah (and others) were taken to heaven. This means that they were either sinless in fact or sinless by the merits of Jesus Christ. Although those two patriarchs lived before Jesus’ death and sacrifice, they lived by faith in the promise and the merits of the Seed to come.

    I do not believe that if we die with the last sin being the only one unconfessed, that we are lost just based on that sin only. I believe that God knows our hearts and whether we would have earnestly confessed if we had the opportunity. God also knows if it was willful sin or a slip. It does not mean that God takes us to heaven with that sin on our record. Christ died for that sin 2000 years before we committed it. His blood covers us for what we would have confessed.

    Absolute sinlessness is certainly the goal to be sought. But it is not achieved by focusing on not-sinning. It is achieved by looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith. The more we intently look at the life, death, sacrifice, resurrection and intercessory ministry of Jesus, the more we become like Him and our sin-desire diminishes. We have to let Him do His work within us. His victory becomes our victory.

    If we take our eyes off ourselves and our sinfulness, and keep them on Jesus, by beholding we become changed and we will attain the victory.

    • The Bible says "walk in the Spirit". When we are walking we are going somewhere. When we are walking we are not there yet. I believe this to be an apt metaphor.


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