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Living Holy Single Lives — 11 Comments

  1. Excellent! We need more men to be examples of Godly men whether single or married. So many children are growing up without a positive male in their lives; I was one of them. The men of my church influenced me by their example, some good and some not good, and several took the boys of our congregation that did not have a father figure and went fishing, played sports, or took them out to breakfast which was so important to my brother. Several men in our church today help many in our congregation with house repairs who cannot do them themselves or afford to pay a professional (we have several professionals in our church).

  2. I think there is another side to sexuality. What if spouses were unconditionally loving, true friends and partners in life? I have seen married people have affairs because of a lack of communication and love at home. Many affairs happen because emotional needs are not met. Not that one person meets all our needs, but a certain amount of caring could do wonders in some marriages.
    I have seen marriages that had incredible bonds. A woman with MS who became bedridden and her husband was just as devoted. He then got a brain tumor and their love was as strong and true until the day when the wife in the wheel chair watched over her husband's death bed. Sex did not hold those two people together. Theirs was a love beyond this material realm altogether.

    • In my opinion, that is what agape love is all about. To the world love is all feeling and no substance, just transient affairs like a whiff of a cloud without any lasting commitment.

      • I think this is philia love .. brotherly love/love of a friend .. philia love is why persons can remain single and satisfied .. and the absence of it is why marriages fall apart, even sans divorce ..

  3. Consider the relationships that you treasure the most. A Mom or Dad, a favorite aunt, a favorite teacher/coach, even a grandparent. Though you never had sex with them or even thought of it, their impact on you life is lifelong, pleasant and cherished. Sex is not what married or single people need. What is needed is love and friendship and acceptance, and forgiveness, someone to stand next to you in good times and in bad times, even closer than a brother or sister. If we can yeild to this level of friendship, as believers our lives on earth would be better and I'm almost 100% sure that we would enjoy our heavenly repose.

  4. When speaking of single people, it is mostly focused on the “before” singles. Before marriage that is.
    But scarcely (not to say never) about the after singles, yes those that are single because of divorce. Who has, in a matter, both of the two worlds, especially when children are present. There isn’t much said on this situation. So there rest but to enjoy of the crumbs that fall from either tables, which is still a blessing.


  5. I just recently came upon this site and appreciate the comments more than I am able to explain. About being single, not so long ago I needed a father figure in the church to mentor a destitute boy from a female-headed household. My first notion was to ask my brothers in the church as my family already took care of the girls. All the brothers I approached, and who I thought were of good standing, told me they will consult their spouses and come back to me. All responses were negative. One of the sisters was actualy not so happy about my request. I made a huge mistake by not approaching some unmarried brothers in the church because I thought they had no experience bring up children. These are some of the ways in which we view the matter of being single. That is why I appreciate what you wrote William. May God keep on correcting and teaching us.

  6. Lydia, welcome to our site. I am glad you have been blessed, and hope you take some time to read some of the articles from the various writers on ths site, so you can be blessed even more.

    Thanks everyone for your comments, and reminding us that we do not walk this road alone, but we all have each other.

  7. We do have each other and I treasure the people who believe in each other.
    We shouldn't have to ask people to help us with our children when we are alone and single. A heart of love will reach out and help others. I raised my son alone for 10 years and one man was nice to us and taught my son to ride a bike. That's it!! There are so many opportunities to reach out to others. I helped people when I was a single parent and when I married I did much more to reach out to those in need. It is a lifestyle that we need to cultivate. We should be detectives on the look out for being the first ones to help someone. We can spread much happiness that way.
    Thanks William for a great post.


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