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  1. Thank you William for this helpful post.
    Since I have been tithing, I do not seem to have to go to the ATM so often to withdraw funds for daily expenses!! God is so good to me in many ways, and this is just another blessing He sends me.
    I know the idea is hard to grasp at first, but for those wondering how it works- I can't explain it other than it is a gift from God!!

    If we tithe the cents, then God will multiply the dollars!

    • I agree totally Jane.I've been praying that God helps me and my husband to be faithful in tithes and offering no matter what happens. I always believed that we will be cursed if we are unfaithful in this area. I certainly want to be blessed. And yes. Though some people say that January is a long month to wait for your salary God has been blessing us all through the month. So we didn't miss money. God is good and it is my desire to keep honouring Him with what He blesses me with.

      • Hi Anne, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to remain faithful, but God will give you the strength if you cast all your cares on Him.
        It is only possible through prayer and listening to that still small voice given us by the Holy Spirit.
        May God bless you and your husband as you listen to Him.

  2. Is tithe a measure of how deep is ones faith in the Lord Jesus?
    I ask because some tithe to maintain there post in church.others tithe well but have hidden sins that only God sees.

    • Not a measure of faith but an expression of it. A true tithe is then a true expression of faith and a false tithe a false expression. There are many ways in which faith in God is expressed and tithing is one of them.

  3. If I tithe because God will bless me, have I responded to Him from a grateful heart? I understand God's promise of a blessing to those who faithfully return a tithe, but does my faithfulness demand the fulfillment of the promise to me, or does my giving praise Him again for His faithfulness to me!?

  4. Hi Sharon, good question. I tithe from a very grateful heart so that I can give more back to God's work- to praise HIs name and honour Him.
    It is not the monetary rewards that compel me to tithe- it is opportunity 'to give unto God the things that are God's' !!
    Praise be to Him.

  5. I was encouraged from an early age to give from the heart for birthdays(acetra) to family members, friends,the church and others. Not to give grudgingly or expecting anything in return but give out of love or a need. This includes tithing, we can experience the joy of giving when it become apart of us.

  6. When you think you are lying to the Holy Spirit you are lying only to your self. For the Holy Spirit is God. And like God He sees and know everything.

  7. It can be difficult to communicate with someone who is impersonal. Imagine your doctor being impersonal that you are afraid to speak to him/her. We are indeed blessed to have the Holy Spirit with us.

  8. This was a good read for me, something for me to work on. I will honestly say that it is difficult for me to tithe 10%, I try to and sometimes I do not.However is it better to give 10% disgustedly or giving what I can cheerfully?

  9. Hi Everyone.

    Thanks William for the post. The local Church where I fellowship (Mount Olives, Naalya - Uganda) is building the church. This post is such a blessing and I take 2 Corinthians 9:6 which is so in line with what the Elder was emphasizing on Saturday afternoon.

    He called upon all members to decide what they would give the Lord for construction. I hope to share with others in my church.

    Thanks again and God bless you

  10. We have had this discussion many times. When my friends and I were working,it was whether to tithe on the gross and the net now it is whether to tithe on social security since we seniors tithed on the original income. This is troubling many in our senior group. My only answer is to do as the Spirit leads you but I am troubled when seniors have very real financial problems.

  11. Great post William. Another thought about the blank envelopes is that someone may be embarrassed for fellow members to know that they have nothing to put into the offering plate. Peer pressure is real.
    At one church I attended, during the offering period, every week the person doing the tithes and offering call asked everyone to wave their offering envelopes up high as a wave offering to the Lord(?). I'm sure that was awkward for some.


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