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Monday: Planting and Harvesting — 31 Comments

  1. the evil put you in situation make you think god is not there for you...but that is the time he's there for you at your lowest

  2. In as much as God is in the serious business of rescuing the perishing sinners,also the devil is moving about like a rolling lion looking for someone to devour hence human beings as subjects,indicating that we need to spread the gospel with fear wherever we are about Jesus Christ and never to judge one another cause judgement is for God

  3. The devil will always attempt to use whatever means necessary to discourage new converts. For these individuals the struggle is very real.

    However, I believe that in some cases, we make the devil's job easier when we fail to create a loving, welcoming environment in our churches. Many new converts leave, because in their time of struggle and vulnerability, they were not able to build relationships within the church. And while we cannot force people to stay, we can do a better job at thwarting the devil's plan, so that more of those we win can grow enough to the point where they can bear fruit.

    • I very much agree Jacob. The thought is magnified somewhat in the book, Evangelism.

      "After individuals have been converted to the truth, they need to be looked after. The zeal of many ministers seems to fail as soon as a measure of success attends their efforts. They do not realize that these newly converted ones need nursing, — watchful attention, help, and encouragement. These should not be left alone, a prey to Satan’s most powerful temptations; they need to be educated in regard to their duties, to be kindly dealt with, to be led along, and to be visited and prayed with. These souls need the meat [i.e. the food] apportioned to every man in due season.

      "No wonder that some become discouraged, linger by the way, and are left for wolves to devour. Satan is upon the track of all. He sends his agents forth to gather back to his ranks the souls he has lost. There should be more fathers and mothers to take these babes in the truth to their hearts, and to encourage them and pray for them, that their faith be not confused.

      "Preaching is a small part of the work to be done for the salvation of souls. God’s Spirit convicts sinners of the truth, and He places them in the arms of the church. The ministers may do their part, but they can never perform the work that the church should do. God requires His church to nurse those who are young in faith and experience, to go to them, not for the purpose of gossiping with them, but to pray, to speak unto them words that are “like apples of gold in pictures of silver." (Evangelism p.351)

  4. There are those who do not wish to follow the Lamb (Revelation 14:4) when their own agenda, opinion or will clashes with the Lord’s and may resort to seemingly nebulous texts or unusual circumstances elsewhere in the Bible to challenge the plain statements of Jesus.

    For example in the explanation of the parable of the sower Jesus said, “…He that hears the word; and the care of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.” (Matthew 13:22; 19:23). However an objector may quickly point to the riches of Abraham (Genesis 13:2), as if to suggest the circumstances of the imperfect patriarch overrules the word of the Son of God.

    Many believers and commentators will agree the statements of Jesus are among the simplest, clearest and most straightforward recorded in scripture (Mark 1:22). The Son of man was deliberate in His communication of vital truth such as to reach everyone from the ‘formally uneducated’ to the most accomplished professor, without the need for a translator or decoder.

    Even in the use of parables the Messiah’s messages were provided with explanations which leave little room for misconceptions concerning intent, except to the stubborn heart. Still with prayerful study the Holy Spirit may give greater depth to what is already plain (John 16:12-14).

    Especially in regard to direct teachings of Christ it is not necessary to depend on scholars, who are all biased in some way. Common believers may learn from the schooled class, but are never to place trust in them. They will not answer for any but themselves in the judgment (Romans 14:12).

    There are also those who may claim to have special keys withheld from others. Anything withheld from some is not critical to their salvation, unless the Savior does not care to save same (Psalm 84:11).

    Do not become discouraged by very involved prophecies you have difficulty comprehending. None is judged for his/her ignorance, but those who decline to accept the plainly revealed testimony will be without excuse (Acts 17:30-31). If you must err let it be in seeking to do what Jesus said (Luke 6:46). Take the words of Christ as spoken and they will draw you to Him.

  5. When we are saved it's such a beautiful promise to remember that the body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which he left us as a comforter when he arose; that dwells within us daily and leads us and guides us and everyone we minister to into eternal salvation with Jesus Christ Amen

  6. Then we are the sower! That God has chose to spread the message of salvation to the world but how many times we judge the field as if we were the Holy Spirit?

  7. according to my understang , the lesson of today is teaching us that if u plant seeds without watering you will never harvest.some to us cristians instead to plant soul , we are displanting.sometimes we adverntist we like judging others do not do this and that and we can not see first into ourselves first.the bible said you can not take dirty in someone's eye while yours is still in side

  8. Is it possible that people can have areas of "good ground", areas of "wayside" ground, and areas of "stony", shallow, ground, etc. in their lives?

    Even the disciples had an area in their minds that was totally unreceptive to the truth that Jesus was going to be betrayed and killed, and that His kingdom was never going to be of this world. For a while the proverbial "birds of the air" came and took those seeds away, but later the disciples would remember that Jesus had definitely sown those truth upon them.

  9. In my christian experience, I 've been treated to the works of the evil one. In face of growing corruption in my country, people turn against us because we refuse to conduct ourselves like they do. On many occassions they have tried to influence our behaviour but to no avail. Christ has always held His place in us though we've fallen at times. Christ has always reminded us of the warfare. In a war even the generals die or get injured but maintaining their line of war.we refuse to conduct ourselves like they do

  10. One of the basic reasons people leave a church is that they simply never let Jesus " PLANT " them so their roots can go down deep and bring forth fruit. The bible suggest that without roots, we cannot flourish: " The righteous shall flourish like a Palm Trees, we shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in THE HOUSE OF THE LORD shall flourish in the courts of our GOD" ( Ps 92: 12-13 ).

  11. To be able to bear fruit we must 'hear the word and UNDERSTAND it'. only then can we be sure of who we are in Christ, only then will Satan not overcome us because our identity will be safely secured in Christ himself.
    By understanding the word, we REST in his promises and nothing and no one will be able to separate us from our intimate relationship with Christ.
    Luke 24:45 I pray that this verse be a prayer unto us because its only Jesus who will enable us to understand his word and bear abundant fruit

  12. Amen, Jacob Daniel. "Break up the fallow ground, and sow not among thorns" Jeremiah 4:3. Preparing the soil for the gospel seed means living a true Christian life: Practicing tender mercies, being kind, and showing love to the unlovely and unlovable.

  13. As the lesson bring out we can not see the heart of any person. Only the Holy Spirit works on those who heart are prepare to receive the gospel. When we judge what we cant see we tend to push others out the door.

    Spread the word and leave the work of the Holy Spirit to do it's job.

  14. By his own example Jesus carried out the gospel commission. He went everywhere preaching and teaching the message of salvation, healing people from all types of sickness and diseases and even casting out demons from those possessed (Matt. 4:23). He has commissioned us to the same great work as He did His disciples "Go ye therefore into all the world.." (Matt.28:19). Though Christ, being God, could read the thoughts of all men, He did not deny anyone the opportunity to hear the gospel message and make a choice to accept it or not - He embraced all into the reach of His plan of redemption, even those deemed to be the dregs of society by others who thought they were exclusively chosen by God.
    This then is the sacred task and responsibility of Christ's modern disciples, "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations; and then shall the end come" (Matt.24:14). We have no calling to play favorites but to begin with urgency to work the works of our Master while there is yet time, to give our neighbors, family members, coworkers and even the skeptics an opportunity to choose the salvation God offers, made possible by the death of His Son. Jesus will return whether we're ready or not as SOON as this mission is accomplished. We MUST plant so God can reap His harvest! Let's encourage the seeds newly planted and those who have lost interest through prayer and genuine interest and support so that the Word might remain in them, and us, and we do not become seeds choked or blown away by the wayside but seeds sown on good soil that reproduces. This is a serious lesson for all of us!

  15. When I read this lesson, God again showed me how much effort he has put toward my not falling by the wayside. He has placed many a worker in my field so that I am not taken over by some evil weed. I just am so grateful that God is the ensurer of his plan.

  16. I think lots of newly baptized members leave church because some of them were baptized before they even fully understand what they get themselves into.....Maybe a "follow up class" after baptismal for maybe a year or so , can help and do a difference......

  17. Yes, there is danger of planting seed (especially in public evangelism) where truths are accepted "with joy"... but because the soil is so shallow, the joy and the enthusiasm soon die away as the heat comes on. (Matt 13:6, Matt 13:20-21).

    Another danger presents itself. "There is danger that... men will plant the seed of truth so deep that the tender blade will never find the surface." (Gospel Workers p.169.)

    Sometimes we hardly know where to stop. If too much "evidence" is piled up; if too many words are spoken, the precious seed finds itself too deep to succeed.

  18. I am in the process of regrowing my lawn. I killed off the weeds whose only virtue was that they were green, then I tilled the soil, added new soil, fertilizer, seaweed extract, bug killer and grass seed. I watered it and it sprouted. Then the crested pigeons recognised that I had created a restaurant for them and they started chomping their way through the sprouts. The beetles overcame their dislike for beetle poison and began their feast. Then in quick succession we had flooding rains that washed some of the soil down the drain; and searing hot temperatures that roasted the grass into curled up yellow wisps. It is tough work growing grass. You have to look after it until it establishes, then you need to ensure a regular supply of water, fertilizer and grass-cutting together with beetle killer for as long as you want the lawn to survive.

    And sometimes we think that the job is over when we convert someone to Christianity and baptize them. We need to get real. Growing Christians is a lot more work than growing lawns! God expects us to be part of the nurturing process.

    • Hello, Maurice

      I really enjoyed your comment about growing your lawn. You made it so clear. I think above all the comments being said today, yours was the best one (not that everyone else's wasn't). That was a great example. It touched me in a special way.

      As someone who knows a little bit about growing lawns and how easily things can go wrong even when you are doing your best, you really have to be patient with the process. If you don't succeed the first time, you have to try again and be vigilant watching out so that the seeds won't be snatched or eaten by the birds or in this case, the adversary.

      It is always a joy watching new converts but we also need to take them under our wings, befriend them and encourage them so that they won't lose hope so quickly. I wholeheartedly believe in this concept.

      Maurice, this was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  19. As we share the word of God, we should not forget to pray for the new converts always, it is easy to listen than doing it. We must learn to trust Him to do it.

  20. Planting and harvesting complements building on the Rock. The farmer who is likened by Jesus in his parable of the sower is us all who have been called up by the Holy Spirit to work in his vast field of inviting all to his Heavenly Kingdom. Jesus commissioned us all to go and preach to all parts of the earth and to convert and make all disciples for him. However, as we sow these seeds or preach Gospel of Jesus Christ, we should not expect to win the hearts of the converts 100% as some will just last one year, two years etc and others will be truly converted forever.

    And this last group is the one Jesus said they have built their house on the Rock that cannot be swept away by the flooding waters or taken away by the challenges of life. Nowadays we hear that this sister or brother has left the church by following the demands of a spouse, business/work compelling demands etc. we should still be planting the best seeds, the work of harvesting belongs to Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and his Holy Angels. The over-comers in this battlefield are the one who build on the Rock of ages (Jesus Christ) or finish the race without losing faith and vigour/hope.

  21. Matt27:20 says that we are to continue to teach the word that he has commanded us and lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.
    We sow the seeds in one form or another,folks come in the church & get baptized.They are then left to work out their own salvation, soon they exit thru the back door. It is very sad. How can churches do more to retain those souls that God harvested.?

  22. The problem is not in the seed or the gospel. The problem is in the soil, the man. Each of us will choose what kind of soil we become. May we choose to be a good soil. By God's grace and by yielding to the Holy Spirit we can become a good soil where the Word of God will grow and bears much fruit.

    • From gardening experience I know that soil can change. Pathways can be cultivated and become good soil. Shallow soil can be made deeper. Rocky ground can be improved. Seeds and seedlings can be protected from the birds. Thorns and thistles can be removed.
      I wonder whethet it is part of our job to be gardener's helpers to improve the soil?

      • Inge,

        Perhaps the following thought brings an affirmative to your query.

        "When a discourse is given, precious seed is sown. But if personal effort is not made to cultivate the soil, the seed does not take root. Unless the heart is softened and subdued by the Spirit of God, much of the discourse is lost. Observe those in the congregation who seem to be interested, and speak to them after the service. A few words spoken in private will often do more good than the whole discourse has done. Inquire how the subjects presented appear to the hearers, whether the matter is clear to their minds. By kindness and courtesy show that you have a real interest in them and a care for their souls." (Evangelism p.429)

        I think, yes, we can be the Gardener's helpers to improve the soil.

  23. Let us have the love that Peter & John had when they introduced Jesus to the lame man who was a beggar (Acts 3:1-9). Imagine that this man used to sit at the Temple gate called ‘Beautiful’. This man used to beg from the people entering the Temple. Just imagine that these people who passed by him carrying the GOOD NEWS, didn’t realise how powerful and important what they had. We need to realise that salvation is a necessity and acknowledge that what we have cannot be compared to anything. Apart from that, let us not be judgemental. You see this beggar and you think they do not deserve to hear about Jesus but to receive just a few coins. People need salvation so let us introduce them to God the owner of silver and gold (Haggai 2:8). ‘Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.’ He received his healing and what I like the most is this ‘And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength’.This is required from us in Church. Let us help our fellow brethren to get up. They took him to the source, they took him to the Temple. They did not brag that you were healed by us like what we see happening in these last days where people are taking the Glory of the Father. They took the man to the Temple to praise God, to give Glory to the Lord. Amen


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