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Tuesday: Building on Rock — 20 Comments

  1. How deep are Jesus' words! There is a "form of godliness" that can look very much like the real thing. It can "have the gift of prophecy", it can "understand all mysteries and all knowledge". (1Cor 13:2.)

    It is possible for a person to bestow all their goods to feed the poor; they can even give their body to be burned as a martyr (1Cor 13:3). But if we lack the one crucial element, then all the wonderful works will amount to nothing. When the storm comes we find ourselves without a foundation, and the whole "house" (the whole life) we have built, crashes, and it is swept away.

    • One of the issues that some of us face in our spiritual life is that we become so religious that we forget that Christianity is realy quite practical. Salvation is more about "cups of cold water to the thirsty"; time spent with the lonely; and providing a listening ear to the burdened that arguing the finer points of the Sanctuary service, or giving an erudite description of the relationship between justification and sanctification.

      It is entirely possible that we become so engrossed in engaging in the religious that we miss the point of faithful living.

      Illustration: I remember many years ago we had a bushfire that threatened the local church camp. Some of the ministers suggested that we have a prayer about it. I was in a fire-truck complete with hoses and water tanks and thought that putting a bit of water in the right place would probably be the most appropriate action. Now I am not denying the importance of prayer, but sometimes we replace Christian action with religious activity inappropriately.

      Application: Are we so involved in discussing our Sabbath School lesson issues that we neglect to take time to lead our young people?

      • Maurice, I would like to suggest, that praying before attempting to put out that fire is actually faith with works. We cannot do it alone. In fact why should we when the Omnipotent has invited us to call upon Him?

        • I have no problem with praying, but when it comes to bush fires I like to pray with my eyes wide open, the pumps running and the water squirting in the the right direction. Prayer can be a multi-tasking activity.

  2. Free of frivolous humor and clever gimmicks, Christ’s solemn Sermon on the Mount is the divine standard for all sermons. With the use of simple and earnest language the Messiah was a pure channel used by the Father to address a message of love directly to the sinner’s heart (John 12:48-50). This while the Holy Spirit stirred the hearts of hearers to accept life (John 6:63). Here was a case of “heaven came down and glory filled the soul.”

    If Christians had nothing else from scripture except the Sermon on the Mount, and were they to not just admire it, but take it to heart, living out its principles, the results would transcend imagination. Sadly many believers explain away some of the straight messages, if not out rightly ignore them.

    For instance, some may rationalize the idea of turning the other cheek to the point where full scale retaliation is not only acceptable, but even to be encouraged under the banner of social justice and assumed rights (Luke 6:29).

    Notwithstanding how much they pray, profess belief, or put effort into church work, as the unfaithful move away from following the straight testimony of Christ their spiritual foundation becomes less reliable.

    Those who use Jesus’ name but do not honor Him with obedience are in a worse position than the unbeliever (Matthew 7:22-23). The mere professor of faith soon becomes assured of their footing in the sand pit and under self-deception makes no effort to get away from the sand when the storm threatens (James 1:22); while those who know they are not secure, when the heart is overwhelmed may run to the “Rock that is higher than I” (Psalm 61:2).

    To the Savior belief without practice is of little value (Luke 6:46-48). Jesus is close to the doer of the word, such as to be a sure foundation to same (Matthew 7:24).

    • Praise God, Bro Hugh. The Lord Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is the anti-type of the Law given on Mount Sinai; just as God foretold in Deut 18:15-20; 5:23-27; Ex 20:18,19.

  3. Brethren it is high time we reform!More often we do things that please our fellow men because they will scratch our backs.2Tim 3:5,talks of a group with a form godliness but denies the power of God.Secondly I thank God for the trials because they reveal our need for God.

  4. We cannot be a Christian if live by theory, if we say that we have faith let's show our work as well, because if the Demon believe!

  5. Building on the Rock of ages is establishing the unwavering faith or belief in Jesus Christ, Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end. He(the word) was with Yhwh at the beginning of creation of the universe and he will be there at the end of the world and will be there forever. This is the imperishable, unbreakable and noncorrosive ROCK on which we should make our foundation of salvation. Recall in Matthew 6:33 He said,"seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will come as blessings from Heaven". Anyone who has found his kingdom or is written in the Book of the living has found invaluable or indispensable life or salvation.

    Satan has established the present world kingdom with all allurements that thwart or collude our minds to get astray. But all these allurements are not truest foundation of everlasting happiness, not solid Rock. We are chasing wind as Ecclesiastes explained in his book. Christians should not be known among Christians in all honest worldly dealings while they are not the same in other circles. This is hypocrisy or double-standard or being lukewarm in Christ Jesus. Our pastors at the churches may understand us that we are doing very well around the church activities, but are we the same when we are away from the Church? In the Judgement that is going on with the Highest Priest in the Heavenly Sanctuary the Judge is assessing our worthiness in all our daily dealings or activities. I stop here today.

  6. This lesson points out something very profound in our daily lives. The storms of life come in many shapes and forms. Sometimes it takes a stranger to treat us unfairly or cut us up in traffic or just say or do something that offends us. Our reactions to these challenges can show us how firm our foundation is. If we are built upon the rock we can smile at adversity and move on but if we are built upon the sand then our reaction leaves nobody wondering on whose side we are on, Satan or Jesus's side (By their works you shall know them).

  7. What was the difference between the two builders? The foundation on which they built. We are not told about the design of the houses other than the footing. Storms came to BOTH houses. Building on the Rock doesn't stop storms from coming, but determines the results of those storms.

  8. To have a secure foundation I must 1. Read the bible daily. 2.Pray with God daily. 3.Depend on the Holy Spirit. 4.Attend Church regularly. 5.Be of Service to others. 6.Conque my Doubts. 7. Live One Day at a Time. 8.Learn to deal with Temptation. 9.Tell other about JESUS. Now after I have done all those things then I must Exam myself time to time to see if my life has the Spirit of Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, And Self-Control. Galatians 5:22-23. Then I know that Iam Living a Life that has a Good Foundation and Becoming CHRIST LIKE. AMEN!

    • Paul said that after doing all things for Christ he prayed that he will not be cast away
      We need faith that works and a secure relationship with Jesus
      Help us to endure to the end when He comes

  9. Many are baffled by what seems to be a clear common-sense matter, that people would choose to remain in houses precariously perched on a dangerous hillside or low-lying flood prone community, in the face of the threat of a hurricane, storm or flood warning. The forecast is publicized on all forms of media and government agencies issue evacuation procedures that include providing transportation and shelters for those who are vulnerable but they refuse the offer and determine to "ride out the storm."

    This is a phenomenon I have noticed in my country for decades and believe it or not, some of these people have been flooded out numerous times - even losing family members, as well as their earthly possessions to these disasters - yet they go back to the same spot and rebuild their houses. The law does not mandate that they do otherwise so they are free to return to the danger as many times as they choose.

    Before we go a judging, are we not just as foolish in our walk with God? But this is even more critical because it determines our eternal destiny, everlasting life or eternal death. By our choosing to reject God's revealed will for our lives through His word and Prophetic counsels we make the same silly decisions about how we spend eternity by repeatedly going back to the forbidden paths though given the strongest rebuke. Through Jesus the rescue plan was effected to evacuate us from the disaster of sin and its consequent condemnation and provide for us an eternal heavenly home where we will be safe from all harm forever.

    So let's rise up and build our "houses" on the Rock like the wise man Jesus describes in His parable. If we do otherwise we will not be able to withstand the horrifying storms ahead for these last days. We will lose our earthly houses, some families and all worldly goods but all we need is to allow Him to hide us in the cleft of the Rock, on Christ the Mighty Rock!! Very sobering lesson indeed.

  10. For sure we should build on the rock of Ages who is Jesus Christ.Otherwise, we will vanish with the world treasures and be wiped out when the storm intesifies.

  11. When your life is built on a firm foundation you can stand. Let’s take for example Shadreck, Misheck and Abednego, though these guys were in Babylon, they never stopped worshipping their God. They were in a foreign land but never worshipped foreign gods. Even when they knew that the fire has been made 7 times hotter (Daniel 3:19), they still stood firm for what they believed in. Please note, you do not build a firm foundation during the storm, but before. This firm foundation is built on the knowledge and dependence on Christ as our Saviour. Surely, the way a foundation is built really matters. What will happen when the storm hits?

  12. When Jesus told the parable people only knew one kind of rock and there was only one true religion. We live in a time in which geologists have discovered as many kinds of rocks are there are religions .... all claiming to be built on the firm foundation of Jesus, the ROCK. My son is a structural engineer and a good deal of his work involves work on luxury homes built on the slopes of Cape Town's mountains. There is an ongoing legal battle between the City of Cape Town and engineers and the owner of a home located next to the building site of one of the houses Nik was the engineer for. The mandatory engineers' reports were obtained from the City and excavations proceeded for the residence. One of the neighbors decided to take the opportunity to have excavations done on his property too. It was not long after that property owners surrounding the excavations noticed cracks in their swimming pools and homes. It was subsequently discovered that the City engineers had not drilled deep enough to establish the depth of the rock bed. The result being that due to the excavations the surface rock / shale began to move downhill. I cannot help but think that with so many Christ-based religions it is so important to dig deep into God's Word to build on the FIRM FOUNDATION - JESUS. How sad it will be when Jesus comes to hear the words "I know you not" - because my faith was built on the wrong rock.


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