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  1. Why is it so hard for us to listen and adhere to God’s instructions and sound counsel inspired by the Holy Spirit?

    People seem to learn faster by ears on the back (feeling) than by ears on the head (listening). Something as simple as a traffic ticket can have a sudden transforming effect, if only temporary. That we often finally make a change only after experiencing the consequences or penalties of bad choices is a result of our fallen nature. The fallen human nature is repulsed by the ideas of submission, respect for authority, boundaries, obligation and being told what to do.

    Our natural desires work against us (Romans 7:14, 15). To correct this we need to become partakers of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:4), to cultivate spiritual tendencies and have our desires transformed. This is the work of the Holy Spirit with our cooperation. To this end we ought to pray for new desires and place ourselves in positions which facilitate this, avoiding the place of corrupt influence and temptation, even if it takes much effort at first (Proverbs 5:8-10).

    It is more likely we will drink from our own cistern (provided by God) rather than another’s if our desires or affections are directed to the legitimate cistern (Proverbs 5:15). For then temptation will have to overcome our desires instead of being propelled by it.

    The safest course is to develop a delight or enjoyment for things spiritual, for righteousness (Psalm 40:8). If we do not enjoy serving the Master, worshipping, praying, studying, and serving, at some point it will become a strain, and we will look for relief somewhere else (the devil’s playground). In any case the King of kings does not wish to share His kingdom with anyone who is attracted to something else or has to be forced to do right (Revelation 3:21).

    Whether a God provided spouse or something God has prescribed for His people let us train our affections in the direction of the cistern where God may be found.

  2. Prov 5
    It's interesting how the bible spoke of the reality of the effects of violation of the marriage union so many yrs ago and yet holds so true today. How it clearly states inevitability of misuse and scattering of resources whenever one gets relationships outside their own home. Additionally, there's destruction of physical health too. It's our call, by God's grace, to protect our homes.

    Further, even when humanly speaking we are able to contain and conceal the resource allocation and physical health, there's something profound Prov 5:21 brings out. The fact that God sees and it is not right in His sight.

    We can rest assured that God's demands are not burdensome Matt 11:30. Let's trust Him and He will help us to do what He approves.

  3. Patience and Contentment.
    Patience will prevent us making inappropriate remarks to spouces, children, and other family members.
    As we are more patient with family members- and ourselves- we will develop Contentment with the flowers that the Lord has given us.

  4. I love all the comments, but the one with patience and contentment stands out. If some men/women develop these two traits life will be so easier for a lot of families. I say no one forced you to marry your spouse,you did it on your own and when you hear about Pastors divorcing and re-marrying you can't help but wonder where their loyalties are, with GOD or Satan.

    • Lenora we must accept that while the institution of marriage is sacrosanct, not ALL marriages were ordained by God. Some were forced...there are arranged marriages even in this day and age whether through culture or imposed because of a pregnancy and the reputation of the 'fallen ones' families must be preserved. Not all SDAs are equally yoked either. As a result, divorces will continue and in some cases it is for the best.....to really protect the family. God expects us to be wise in all situations. I will not question the loyalty of a divorced person or anyone for that fact. There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us. We have to just pray for each other and leave all else to God.

  5. Being currently in such a situation where I have committed adultery and my future not being stable, I realize the importance of avoiding place and company that will make you vulnerable to temptation. IWW must just walk in the light, in the beautiful light of God.


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