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  1. The lesson author poses:

    So, imagine a society in which each of the Ten Commandments was taken seriously and lived out fully.

    I live in a real-world where most of us ask the question, "What is in it for me?" Such a question reveals our self-interest, and if we are honest with ourselves such self-interest is at odds with the ten commandments. Jesus shifted the focus, not on law-keeping but to God and others. The little chorus we used to sing in primary Sabbath school sums it up succinctly:

    J.O.Y. J.O.Y.
    This must surely mean:
    Jesus first,
    Yourself last,
    And others in between!

    And that is the big difference between competitive survival and living salvation.

    • To counciously place others ahead of self is necessary to really understand RESPECT. Starting with the respect for life. The thought of "ready self reward" has permeated so much our culture, that we can be based on a code of conduct totally addicted to "what's in it for me?". This can sort of explain the current catasthrophic state of our planet. Humanity have long wasted time thinking ME, not practicing WE! Easily, it all starts when we turn upside down a single letter!

  2. The Israelite knew the Ten Commandment but forgotten the precursor to the Ten Commandment which
    illustrates: I am Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt.
    This phrase should have reminded the Israelite it was Christ who had freed them from the bondage.

    Those on the pilgrimage to the promised land had to learn a God dependent life. Not I but Christ.

    He added the law not to redeem them from sin but to condemn them in sin.

    Christ alone is the propitiation from sin.

    When a believer accepts Christ, he is not only cleansed from sin, dwelling in him the Spirit of God make possible the impossible which is obedience to the Ten Commandment.

    It does not take a life time for Christ to sanctify us. It takes us a life time for us to surrender to Him.

    Those who are under the law know how perfect they are; therefore they reject the redemption of Christ.
    There are those who accept the redemption of Christ and then do the work of righteousness by their own efforts or they help Christ with the work of redemption both are abomination to the redemption of Christ.

    Redemption is all of Christ none of me.

    Those who are In Christ realize how imperfect they are; therefore, they cannot let go of the one who is the author and finisher of their faith.

    We are not made righteous through obedience to the law.
    We are made righteous by the Spirit of God dwelling in us.

  3. Instead of narrowing our minds to the 10 commandments according to Exodus 20 why not look into the teachings of Jesus Christ on the Mount found in Mathew 5,6 & 7 which is a broader explanation of God's commandments and will do us a whole lot of good.

  4. The most important thing is to continue trusting in God and serve him wholeheartedly 🙏🏽.

  5. Sometime ago I realized that the ten commandments are really ten promises. God says, I saved you, now this is what you will look like. You will love me supremely, you will worship me only, you always speak reverently of me, etc. Helps me keep perspective of how to obey - Jesus saves, I love Him and therefore want to reflect Him.

    • Simon you ask a very profound question, and I'm hoping many will chime in, as there are many different ways to explain this. For me, the letter of the law says don't run a red light or you will get a ticket. The spirit of the law says, dont run a red light or you might hit and hurt someone. When I look at the letter of the law I do the minimum to avoid punishment. When I look at the spirit of the law it takes on a greater meaning, and I go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to make people safe.


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