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  1. "What is so wrong with the idea that God has rejected en masse any group of people in terms of salvation?"

    Salvation is personal. Every soul has a chance, individually, because of the work of the Holy Spirit regardless of church or ethnic affiliation.

    "Choose, you, this day, whom you will serve."

    • By the Grace of God, I will serve the LORD God with all my heart and with all my soul and pray God to help me do just that. I therefore need God's help in every step I take in my life.

  2. I have been in this church for 41 years and have been taught from childhood up that the Jews as a nation was rejected but individual Jews could still access Salvation through God's grace Jesus Christ. From today's study it would appear that this was never the truth. Am I missing something here?

    • Salvation was never exclusive to a nation(Jews), but God chose one nation to be an example of His Love and a blessing to another nations. But they rejected this when their reject Jesus as their savior.

    • The Jews as a nation rejected the idea that Jesus is God's son sent by God to die and pay for the sins of the whole world. God therefore could no longer use The Jews as a nation to give this truth to the world. But the Apostle Paul, being a Jew himself, took that truth to the Gentiles and the Gentiles who accepted this truth, also took this truth to the rest of the world, along with the Jews, like the Apostle Paul, who also accepted this truth of salvation through Jesus.

    • Juliet: I have been taught the same thing, but it sounds like, from what Pete has said, that they are
      only rejected as the vessel to carry the Gospel to all nations.

  3. I need this salvation every day! I need Jesus for myself! Not for selfish reasons, but for mercy! God cares for me as individual! I have so much to grow! So much to learn... And be more of a blessing to those around me... Sometimes it may be more difficult to be a constant light among family, because that's where our deffects really come out..

  4. God is in the business of saving people in spite of what we see, hear and experience around us. Will we trust Him enough to be called His remnant or will we be distracted and overcome by what we see, hear and experience?

  5. How can He choose somepeople to be lost? He would be taking their free will. Give with one hand and take with the other. This is Cruelty and go agains God's nature wich is Love. Love that forgive us even when we still sinners.

  6. Romans chapter 11 verses 7,11,14 show that there is still a remnant of the Jews who can believe and be saved. Those whose eyes were blinded, its clear that this happened because they chose to reject Gods truth in the first place. See Romans 1:21-26. Therefore, the election means those who choose to accept Gods grace.

  7. As a nation, the Jews were rejected. As individuals those who believe ,accept and do.... will be saved. We are all spiritual Jews, elect of God to finish the work that the Jews as a nation failed to do. If ye be Christ, then are ye Abraham's seed....Galations 3:29

  8. Amen to Lecates words. "The Jews were rejected as God's Messangers to spread the Gospel to the world. They were NOT rejected for Salvation".

  9. 2 Thessalonians 2 verses 10-12 are interesting on the point of "giving them a spirit of blindness"...2 Thess says "and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, they they all may be condemned because they did not believe but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

    What I'm getting from the text is that before God "sends the strong delusion" they already did not love the truth, and already found greater pleasure in deception and unrighteousness...it's kind of like saying "is this what you want? You want lies instead of My truth?" Okay, here you go...this is what you've chosen, have at it then. I tried to lead you to truth but you wouldn't listen, to pure, refreshing water but you would not drink"


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