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  1. For the lesson today children of the promise Derrick asked about God predestined some to be saved and some to be lost. I want to say that God's foreknowledge of who will be lost does not affect in any way the choice that people make. That's why He continues to plea with them.

    • God predestines everyone to be saved, but it is our choice whether or not we will accept his offer. (John 3:15-16) The Lake of Fire was prepared for the Devil and his angels, not for the mankind. (Matthew 25:41) The Devil and his angels have fixed their choice, but the objective of those who are called by Jesus is to persuade all men to fix their choice on the Saviour. (2 Corinthians 5:11)

  2. Indeed the Law points us to Christ.The Law acts as a mirror,if for example we haven't combed our hair properly, we will be able to see that.Its reflects the
    character of christ.

  3. So the big discussion was " who harden Pharaoh's heart" Well I took some mud and mixed it with water until it reaches the same consistency as butter, then place both butter and mud in the heat of the sun .after three hours we had the discussion again .amazing when we think outside of the box.

    • In Job, he says "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away" yet it was satan who did the actual taking away, and so God got the credit for what he permitted. In Exodus 8 regarding the hardening of Pharoah's heart, there are verses there that say "his heart was hardened" and others that say "he hardened his own heart" that help us to understand...the easiest way to harden my heart is for you to tell me something that I don't want to hear, having the fore-knowledge that this will be my reaction to what you say...I believe it is in THIS sense that God hardened pharaoh's heart

  4. Paul's terminology of the law in Romans is interesting. He says : The Law is a revelation of God's righteousness and as His standard for righteousness. Mirrored by the means of His Law, men are shown to be sinners (Romans 3:19-20); The Law bears witness to the righteousness of God in the person of Jesus Christ (Romans 3:21); in Romans 7:7 and 3:19 the Law defines sin so that men are conscious of it's sinfulness; the Law is “spiritual” (Romans 7:14); it “is holy, righteous, and good” (7:12); man's failure to live the standards of the Law shows that flesh is weak to fight the evilness of sin (7:17-22); the Law’s requirements are only met by those who do not walk after flesh but walk after the Spirit (8:4).

    ‎Yet another new terminology in Romans 10 "Christ is the “end of the law”.
    The Law was and is never annulled by the first coming and death of Christ in cross. It is "fulfilled". Jesus Christ himself stated this truth ( Matthew 5:17 ).
    Christ is the “end of the law”in at least two ways.
    First , Christ is the “end” of the law in the sense that He is it's fulfillment both the Moral and Ceremonial.. He was and is the goal to which the two laws pointed and still points to. He was and is that righteousness which the Law bears testimony of. That righteousness which is demanded by the law, that same righteousness is imputed to those who believe in Him. Therefore the "end" is the fulfillment of the Law’s demands for everyone who believes in Christ and who receives His righteousness. He is the one who imputes His righteousness in the lives of believers, in fulfillment of the Law’s requirements so that they become righteousness of God (Romans 3:21,22).

    There is also a second meaning in which the Christ is the “end to the law". Yes, the law did provide a standard of righteousness, it also pronounced this deadly death sentence to the unrighteous. (Romans 6:23). Christ died in the sinner’splace. He bore the curse of the Law.(Galatians 3:13). Those who believe in Him have died to the law (Romans 7:9). The standard of the Law remains while the curse[the sacrifice and condemnation] has been met once and for all, in Christ, for all who believe in Him.

  5. "Every moment of our life, we must keep before us the holiness of God in contrast to our sinfulness; that’s the surest way to protect ourselves from the kind of thinking that leads people into seeking their “own righteousness,” which is contrary to the righteousness of Christ." My thinking is that this is the pinnacle of this or any quarter of Lesson Studies! "Moment by moment" is our only safety - 'Lord, 'save me from myself', has become my 1st prayer. We not infrequently need The school master/promise/guardian/lover/savior! I think every person has the personal warning Cain had from Jesus; you are in a dangerous place, I'm Able and Willing to help You-


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