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  1. Training is very important in witnessing and evangelism. It provides confidence in doing the work. More fruit is realised when training of members is done. This is practical even at local church level.

  2. I believe that training the church members is an essential in the evangelism process! It assures a certain level of professionalism and also the training process boosts confidence and a love for the work of God. Also Jesus said "Follow me" and this is a call to all to be Fishers of Men following Jesus' ways...his character should be displayed...Besides I have a question...I often hear pastors and other preachers saying that we must have been in Heaven already if only we were spreading thoroughly the Word of God..is this a correct statement to make?? I wonder about it sometimes! Anyway, training gospel workers for Christ is essential!!!

    • I also believe in the equipping of church members before embarking on a corporate church evangelism programme. This gives members an understanding, zeal and zest as they move from house to house sharing the good news so as to finish the work of God. Regarding the question about us being in heaven were we thouroughly spreading the gospel, I'll suggest that we continue to do what we are called to do and leave the rest with God who knows the end from the beginning.

  3. Hi brethren!
    Our subject on Sunday was talking about the need for training which will enable worker to go into the field for harvesting. The author quoted from what Jesus said to his disciples that the laborers were few. We have to start this with our local churches as we are also advised earlier. Now after in our local churches where do we go to Samaria, but are we really go? We have to rethink about that sentence, are we really dedicated to be true workers in the field since harvest is ready and large?

    I am a Tanzanian, and it is through our founders (pioneers) who traveled all the way from their country, dedicating their time, money, family and etc that I (and others) in my country are enjoying the truth today. I think they were well trained but also they were willing to go! GO YE....

    I have just came to China where I am attending a certain seminar: things here are worst, I can say, for instance I am in Wuhan, I asked for the church which worships on Saturday, up to now never got one! I do not know if I can get on the second week here. But my point is that there is 1.4 billion people around here, who are usually (most of them) think about cigarette and know nothing about THE TRUE GOD, they talk about Confucian as a good man. My question is how to get training on how to reach people like these who on the other hand have language/communication barrier? How to get ready again to meet/harvest them? Not only that there is a number of Muslim all around the world who have not been reached yet, I wondered, in the seminar a huge percent is Islam (Muslim).

    My brethren to cut it short, we really need to wake up and follow all the instructions in this quarter lesson, so as we can prepare ourselves and our brothers all around the world to meet our Jesus Christ when he comes. He is with us if keep his commandments. Yes we need proper training, proper tools and equipment (to equip ourselves), and willingness to go wherever he sends us.

    • It's very interesting how we will travel to different countries, learn the language and adapt to the culture for the purpose of getting employed; however we are not prepared to use those same strategies to reach God's people.

  4. How much “fishing for men” are we really doing as opposed to just “tending to our own boats”? This is a real heart searching question in this page? If all of us who read this and re commit our lives to Jesus we will sow something for Jesus. Thus we will be ready for the soon coming of Jesus and make at least a small group ready too. God bless you all.

  5. Hi I am Joyce, from Philppines. I just got here last year. This site is really amazing and helping me to continue serving GOD by reading all the lesson. I'm glad I found it. I am trying to find a church too.. so me and my husband can go. Thank you!! God BLESS YOU ALL.


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