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  1. Curtis, thank you for this timely article. I was interested in your comment that in some churches is 'missing from our discussion of offerings is a sense of mission'. That is a pity, because in Vanuatu I have looked out of a (glassless) window to look at the children of the congregation underneath a tree listening to stories from faithful leaders telling the 'lambs' that Jesus loves them and cares for them. That experience leaves me at a loss at what I can do to overcome the situation for them especially when it rains - quite often there.
    Thank you for reminding all of us that there is more we can do for Mission.
    Godbless today, Mrs A Stolz

    • Thank you Mrs. Stolz for giving us a glimpse into the work where you are. It's encouraging to hear that the work is progressing even under adverse conditions. Keep praying. Keep trusting 🙂

  2. This is really good for our lesson discusson leaders.
    God bless you (curtis hall) for a good summary.

  3. Curtis, my answer to the question that is, true, mostly true,- etc, I would question the appearance of our giving as the best barometer to the commandment in Matt,22:37-40. God is concerned with Love not money.

  4. I miss Hit the Mark. Marcus May God give you the strength on how to go about it. I understand your busy schedule.


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