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  1. I really enjoyed this Lillianne, and I found it interesting how much time you had to practice together as a band as well as alone. I see a balance there in our Christian walk too, needing Sabbath School and Prayer meeting etc.as well as alone time with God.

  2. One of the best you have written, Lillianne. What does it mean to be a family and does a family never have arguments and disagreements? Church is family in a very real sense which is something we all need!!

  3. As a former band and wind symphony participant, I thoroughly enjoyed the analogy. But what I really wanted to say was a big 'Thank you' for posting the words of the song at the very end. I used to hear that song often in my childhood and it was such a delight to read the words and hear the song being played from the deepest recesses of my memory!

  4. Thankyou for such a thoughtful insight Lillianne. I remember reading somewhere that Lucifer was a discordant note in the harmony of Heaven. That he as he went about spreading discontent and doubt, that the happiness hitherto uninterrupted was broken. To carry your illustration a bit further, I am amazed at the patience, and grace of our musical director in His efforts to restore the harmony of the universe back to it's original pure tones. Jesus is continually composing new pieces for each of His muscians. He takes the time to personally offer private instruction. He leads us to practice all together in worship and in evangelism.

    But it is when we stop focusing on our director, when we begin glancing at the players around us and focusing on their performances that we begin to see mistakes, miscues, faulty muscianship and subpar performances from our fellow orchestra players. It is when we lose sight of Jesus, the Divine Conductor, the Heavenly Music Director, the Master Composer, and Virtuoso, that we begin to doubt quality of symphony. Perhaps we may be even tempted to leave it altogehter. Perhaps we may be tempted to refer to them as "hopelessly tone deaf sophmoric amatures," That is probably an accurate discription. And yet we shouldn't be surprised, because it is precisely these type of players that Jesus still graciously invintes to join His chorale and orchestra. What marvelous grace!

  5. Waoooo that was a great one.
    I can put it that all the body parts need care, protection , nurturing etc. Our brain becomes under utilized if the hands picked no books and the eyes read it not so that the brain is built, utilized effectively and efficiently.

    So this implies that all the members of the body family has to participate in developing and nourishing one another.

    We are a band, and so we need d pianist, drum beaters,singers, composers. Just guess what the group would pray if no one composed a song. So we need cordination with Jesus as the band instructor to show us which instrument to beat at what time, what to say n what to read. God bless

  6. Hark the voice of Jesus calling "Who will go And work today?". Indeed there are so many activities in our fathers house that each and everyone of us should do let us not leave it all to a few individuals. Thanks Lilliane and encougage me through 0717656938.

  7. Jesus may you who give us peace and strength change our hearts.
    May you lead us abide with us
    May you who is our soon coming king increase our faith
    May you who know evrything about our future guide us
    May your wishes act on us and let us be bold and say Jesus is helper
    What can any one do on us our father in heaven have merci on us and save us from the hand of the devil and remember us in heaven
    Brother's and sister God will give us other name in heaven and we will meet each other in heaven even those who died trusting God
    Let us fix our eyes on the cross Jesus is waiting for us in order to save us

    • It is written the Jesus won the battle ever since. We have to put in our mind that we are only waiting patiently and keeping God's commandments and and make sure that we have faith that works with love in Jesus.


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