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  1. Great point. About approaching others, I noticed it's best to talk about other secular things first and then in a clever, systematic way to change the conversation towards religion and God. I believe this is partly what Jesus meant when he said, "be wise as serpents." People nowadays think you're fanatic or extremist when you talk about Jesus right off the bat. So we gotta massage the message easily—kinda like how babies are fed with milk first before solid food is introduced. I have used this tactic and been successful. My labor ground is normally local starbucks coffee shops. I often find fertile soil in these places. Turn off the TV and go fishing for Jesus, guys!

  2. Who am I? I am a child of God waiting for rapture. Albeit I do believe I will be taken up at His second coming as taught in the Bible. "Every eye shall see Him at the same time." Rev. 1:7. I will be carried away, and as I rise above the clouds, I will shout for joy. Whats wrong with shouting for joy now? Nothing as long as it is in appropriate context and setting. If for some reason He delays coming, I will be raised to Hear God The Father pronounce the everlasting covenant. The pastor asked are we alone? Our answer is, no, we have Jesus, by sitting at the feet of Jesus everyday, yes, kneeling too, talking to Him as a friend.
    I like chocolate without sugar and fat, put in the blender with frozen bananas, frozen figs, and soymilk, twice a day, it increases brain power by 30 percent, recent studies have shown. The extra brain power allows a better communication with God. By the way soymilk much to the chagrin of a few scientist is not toxic. In moderation it is a good substitute for meat, yes it is a legume which is a good protein source. It does have isoflavinoids to inhibit cancer.
    Good day

  3. I think your article is very well balanced. I see Christ's approach to different people in the same way that you have presented Paul's. He tailored his ministry according to the personality of the individual. In most cases He was very gentle according to Isa 42:3 but when it came to the hardened Pharisees He became a fire breathing dragon in an attempt to get them to see where they were.

    In our ministry I believe we need to do the same and remain flexible. Jesus told us to, "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matt. 10:16 NKJV) and that doesn't mean that we always have to be a door mat. What it does mean is that we need to use a lot of God given wisdom and even more love.

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    when someone talks about themselves they tend to open up to what is the innermost issues of their hearts. When this happens the Holy Spirit gives us the onus to step in and minister. Paul says to all he became all to reach all.

  5. As I don't watch fictional movies, I have no clue about Julia Roberts. I also don't listen to Jazz, Rock, Blues etc. There was a time when I did conform to the world, but by the grace of God, the "old things have passed away" - if we strive to do all things to the Glory of God, we will indeed be given power to resist temptation to slip back into our old way of life. Solution: As brother Newton Shaw states, strive to win souls and engage in mission, this is the sole reason why our Church was raised up and given so much light. We must remember, to whom more is given, more will be required.

  6. In the phrase 'being all things to all people' I find that there is a commonality search implied. When I am with a person I strive to find what I have in common with them, be it strengths or struggles, likes or dislikes. This creates a common bond, a basis to build conversation and create a foundation for empathy, sympathy and sharing.

    Once I have established this, the Lord often shows me where my story can connect with theirs. Many times it's something in my past that the Lord has healed or given me deliverance or victory from. When I reveal what I have been through I'm often asked for advice or guidance and to tell more of my story. Which leads to the question of how did I get to where I am now? And then, praise the Lord, I am able to share to an open mind and heart of what the Lord has done in my life and can also do in theirs.


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