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  1. Thanks for sharing William. We are to sow the seed and leave the reaping to The Master which He Does in Him time and way.

  2. Thank you William, I love your stories. I live about 25 miles from Grove, Oklahoma and I know the exact Taco Mayo you were describing. Grove has many wonderful Christian people and a church on every corner. Still, there is not an Adventist church. However, truth of the Sabbath will be received there soon, I believe.

    • Thank you all for your comments.

      Carolyn, it's always nice to meet a fellow Okie. I have many fond memories of doing literature evangelism and preaching in the Jay, Kethcum, Miami and Vinita areas. I still remember the highways with their curves, and a certain dip in highway 28. Whenever my LE friends and I drove into a little town on our mission, there was an aura unlike driving into a town on secular mission.

      Grove had a small company church in 2014, but I just learned it disbanded. That is too bad. I also felt there should be a church there.

  3. It is gratifying when the work one does has immediate impact and results, but the reality is that most everything in life that has value takes much time, much thought and much effort to accomplish. Most everyone lives in the moment, giving little thought to their future.

    Thanks for this perspective on the eternal view.


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