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  1. Hi William,
    Thank you for your message this week. May God continue to have His hand of special blessing upon you and your work. We so often try to work things out for our selves and/or rail against God if things appear to be going wrong in our lives. I also have found that the only way to survive is to totally trust in the Lord giving everything into His more than capable hands and not turning around and taking back the problems. I look forward to reading more of your insightful articles on Sabbath School Net. God Bless. Laure 🙂

  2. Hi William I was reading your post and had tell you the Lord will take care of His own. I've learn to lean on and put my trust in Him . He can open doors that no one can shut. Its not a good feeling when the bills are due and theirs no income but He can and will make away for those that put their trust in Him. May you be bless in what ever he call you to do next. Your friend John.

  3. William,

    Great Post! Thanks for sharing your experiences. You believe in God so He is truly leading you no matter what happens.

    I've been a Christian for 34 years and disagree with you on your statement that, God will always lead us to a better experience, even though that has been true for you up to this point in your life.

    ...."So now that I am older and wiser I am not really heartbroken over this, because experience has taught me that God will always lead me to a better experience."

    In my first 20 years of Christian living, God led me into experiences that were some of the hardest, poorest financially, most heart breaking, gut retching experiences of my whole life: living and working among Christians who were mean, cruel and legalistic; living and working for the rich who hated me working for them; being a single unwed mother who worked and homeschooled; marrying a mean man who for eight years out rightly hated my son and would say almost every day, "Either he goes or I go"; and the list could be expanded.

    Today, in some ways, life is better because we can now pay our bills for the first time in 41 years of my adult life. However, life is worse now in terms of my health since I have been suffering with Lyme disease for 10 years with no end in sight.

    The lesson I see and have learned from people's stories in the Bible, and my own life, is that life doesn't always get better as we get older, and/or when we are Christians. Joni Erickson Tada became quadriplegic at age 17 from a diving accident and has lived all these years (she's 65 years old) in a wheel chair, suffering, yet possibly helping more people in the chair than out. She has been a huge, major influence in my life. When I first became disabled with Lyme disease, it was the Bible and her books that encouraged me to continue to want to live.

    We can become blind or deaf, have an accident, or suffer with our health, yet if we are Christians, God is still leading us. Through 34 Christian years, I have never doubted that God is by my side, and through all the stormy blasts, and He is always right there by our side as long as we don't give up our faith.

    Just this morning, I received a text message from a friend: The first part is with a picture of a boat in a storm "Smile at Your Storm, It will not last long." And then, "Praise God for another day of life!! The tallest place in this life is on your knees! Love and Blessings!

  4. Dear Pastor, I have been blessed by your ministry. By sharing your trials and blessings it gives us courage. Courage because I know God will take care of you and there will be a wonderful testimony as a result of your situation. Blessings come in all kinds of packages. Let's just praise him in the good and bad times for we know He always comes through for our good.

    • William, I also look forward to the messages that you share with us on this forum and as I read the account of what your future might bring, the thought about something I read regarding faith this week, came to mind. It is that, "faith is belief in spite of doubt and not without doubt". I think your attitude toward your situation is a great example of that kind of faith. Satan attacks those that are the biggest obstacles in his path. With Jesus on our side we cannot lose. He said in John 16:33, " you will have tribulation, but.... I have overcome the world" Our prayers are with you.

  5. William - your situation did not catch God by surprise. He is working all things out for your good. As mentioned by Eileen, we will experience some difficult trials and tribulations, but God will see us through it all. He loves us and promises never to leave us nor forsake us. God said, to cast (throw) your cares upon Him and to let not your heart be troubles. He is your refuge.

  6. Praise be to GOD. William your testimony -and the ensuing words of encouragement from others in response to your testimony - comes with perfect GOD directed timing. I am in a similar situation. I'm at the cross roads of my life, with income loss imminent, waiting on GOD for directions, for His providential voice. I am reminded of this SOP quote but cannot recall the where it is found.
    "It is by close, testing trials that God brings his people near to himself; for in trial and temptation he discovers to them their weakness, and teaches them to lean upon him as their only help and safeguard. When this result is attained, his object is accomplished, and his tried servants are prepared to be used in every emergency, to fill important positions of trust, and to accomplish the grand purposes for which their powers were given them. God takes men upon trial, and he proves them upon the right hand and upon the left, until they are educated, trained, and disciplined for his use."
    May GOD empower and enable us to live out what we read and profess. Can someone give me the reference for this quote please.


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