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  1. The most thrilling life on earth is not soliders killing others, famous people doing remarkable deeds or humble christians who do little to spread the Gospel. It is being fully active looking for ways to reach those who come within your spare of influence and asking Jesus to use you. In other words "Here I am Lord use me."

  2. Maybe there is too much focus on "Overcoming" sin, while the focus should be on your relationship with Jesus. When you become more and more involved with Him, your interest, thoughts, focus, etc. is with Him and your sin dims, becomes less important to you and drops away.

  3. james reid I been studying Romans 7 and listen to different points from others none of them fully left feeling like i understood. After praying for several days my attention was drawing to Matt 5,6,7,8 carefully reviewing the blessings and then the law outward and inward. I notice that each chapter went deeper into faith in God personal judgement and the shocking story in chapter 8 about a gentle centurion who Christ said had showing more faith then all Israel at that time. Those chapters made me understand Romans 7 and Paul statement who will save me. Look carefully at the words of Christ and their intent and I believe u will agree. If not please share.


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