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Reaching a Biblically Illiterate Generation With the Gospel — 11 Comments

  1. When I was young, I would sit in church with friends and we would count the number of times elders and pastors used strange grownups words. I decided that some people were so ancient that they could be forgiven for using weird old people language in church. I did not then think of the chilling effect on visitors who would feel alienated by language only understood by the initiated.

    It pains me that we continue to use uniquely Adventist phrases in sermons, books, magazines, even direct outreach missions and evangelism, every avenue that should be spreading the gospel. If he had not understood the essential missionary element, "I became one of them", would the Apostle Paul have any Gentile ministry?

    • Thank you for this comment. I believe that what you high-light is so important!

      Unfortunately the use of "uniquely Adventist phrases" is so ingrained that they often slip out without the speaker or writer even noticing. That is why, in our Comment Guide Lines, we beg you:

      Do not use abbreviations such as SDA, EGW and SS. The name of our church is “Seventh-day Adventist.” Any reference to Ellen White should be her name, not the initials EGW. And do not use SS when you mean “Sabbath School.” (SS has other meanings, including Hitler’s infamous SS troops.)

        • "Controversy" may not yet be archaic, because it is still used in other settings. But it is not in common use on the street. So maybe we could use "The Great Battle"?
          What do you suggest?

            • Come to think of it, a "battle" implies a one-time engagement, so the better term would be "The Great War" or "The Great Conflict," I think, because both words can include multiple engagements. Love Under Fire - Condensation of The Great Controversy by Ellen White

              I believe there are several version of The Great Controversy available with different titles. My personal favorite is the modern-language condensed version, Love Under Fire. (right) I wish it could be published in a less expensive mass-distribution format, like The Great Controversy often is. The "Love Under Fire" title is excellent because it references God's character of love which Satan is constantly attacking in this ongoing conflict.

  2. Thanks for the note. Biblical illiterates can be reached with The Gospel by Love. Love can break down any barrier. preaching and teaching only can be effective when there is Trust. Trust is only developed overtime by demonstrating the Love Of God. EVERY HUMAN BEING needs and desires LOVE and to be Loved. Adventist Christians have The Gospel. Adventist Christians have The Truth.
    The world needs Adventist Christians to Love. The world needs Adventist Christians Mercy. The world needs Adventist Christians Grace. Love. Mercy. Grace. demonstrated and illustrated every day, every hour by our being Priests and Ministers of The Gospel.
    What can we do??
    1) Become involved in our communities. Every community has needs. Find what our communities need and then fill that need. Does your community need teachers?, caregivers? professional services?, recreational services?, skilled labor?, unskilled labor?...every community has needs...by filling needs we will build relationships that will develop into ministry opportunities.
    2) whatabout family relationships?? We all have families (brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, in-laws, etc.) that can be relationships to provide opportunities for Ministry.
    3) whatabout clubs, associations, etc.?? follow your interest, whether it be books, games, athletics, sports, etc...find those who share your interests, develop friendships, God will open opportunities for Ministry...


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